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Fanconi's anemia

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For those of you that weren't around when Dawn (sweetblood) was a major factor on this board. A fantastic lady and true soldier. Dawn had something called fanconi's anemia, I had never heard of it pre C. Well Dawn had fanconi's and developed head and neck cancer, people with Fanconi's nearly always develop cancer,  I believe that Dawn is once again in combat with the enemy. A little boy here in Pa has cancer and only weeks left to live, he too has fanconi's. His mother and father were not married but when they found out that he had weeks left they decided to bring the wedding forward so that he could be best man, I believe he is only two. Great pictures in the paper, so say a prayer for the little tyke and say a prayer for Dawn. Dawn put together the superthread, thanks dawn

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Praying....many blessings to this little man and his family.  God still works miracles! Christie 

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Actually Dawn just posted this on her FaceBook...

Baby Logan

Dawn did have some issues recently (gender related), one or maybe two surgeries have it in check for now with no additional treatment required at this time... She's in a scan and monitoring mode for now...

As you mentioned she also has FA... Having that she can not have chemo if I'm not mistaken.

I let her know she was mentioned, and she asked me to say HI Denis, and to everyone....

She is also looking for the place to donate for Logan's Medical Bills, as we speak, LOL..always the giver...


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jim and i
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I read about Logan this weekend on the internet. I pray he and his family had a wonderful day yesterday. I also pray that Logan gets a miracle.


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yesterday morning...RIP Logan.

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such a shame!  prayers going out for the family.  prayers for dawn also.  damn cancer.


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You know, when a little one like Logan dies like this, I question many things, I can rationalize an old dude like me going who's had a fantastic and unusual life, but there is nothing I can call on to rationalize a true tragedy like this, the pain his family are going through.

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I am so with you Denis ! Also with Dj DAMN cancer !!!

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