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Comment on Hoxey for me

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Someone here must have been to Hoxey clinic they started in 1963.  I want everyone's opinion. Good bad whatever. . We r thinking off. Going down there

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From what I've read there is no substantial evidence that shows that the Hoxsey method is effective against cancer. If I were you I'd be very careful before spending any large amount of money on it. The ACS website discusses the treatment, and seems to indicate that it is not an effective treatment.


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I looked at some websites. I would check them out as much as possible. 5 out of the 6 sites had negative comments.

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Looks like Hoxey is a dead end.  People are always pushing us to try weird treatments they know nothing about.   we have been to USC and UCLA, and from what they tell us remission is possible but most likely no cure.


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