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August roll call

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Lynda is here for August and feeling pretty good. How are all of you doing today?

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I go tomorrow for second cycle (second Month) for chemo Avastin and Doxil. After first cycle my CA-125 droped from 493 to 407. I hope August will be good for me too. My blood pressure was very high 187/124, doctor add more pills and now it is under control and normal. Avastin effect my blood pressure very bad, but I like to keep going. Love you my teal sisters, Zina. :) Lynda, I am happy for you, keep going good, dear!

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I am glad that your August is going well and Zinaida, I am happy that your CA 125 is moving in the right direction and that your blood pressure is under control.  I am so fortunate and grateful to be still NED, nearly two and a half years after my chemo ended.  I have a blood test scheduled for tomorrow to check my CA 125 marker and am hoping and praying for continued good results.

Praying for my teal sisters.




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Glad you are feeling good, Lynda!!

I am doing well also.  Feeling tired, but otherwise great.   Had recalls on mamogram (it was good) and an abnormal pap (HPV was negative) so i am good.  Next check up is in December.   Got a new doctor (other one left for Texas).   Other than than getting ready to send kids to college.  My youngest just graduated from high school!



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Hi Lynda

All good with me, this month is 3 years since I started my chemo (December will be 3 years since I've finished) all is fine and I have next check up in September.  Glad all is going well for you too Laughing.  Time is just flyyyyyyyying by!!!!

Michelle x


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No chemo until September...yey. Two more weeks of radiation..yeah.  Yes time is sure flying ...feeling good..have summer ladies..Val 


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Roll Call for August

I am feeling great because I am a two- week break from chemo so when I go back I will find out if the cancer is responding to this therapy . Cross your fingers and toes !

Good Luck everyone may it be a good month for all of us.


They are going to light up  Niagara Falls in September the Color Teal for Ovarian Cancer Awareness !

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I'm new here, and not sure what my diagnosis  yet but want to offer support to all of you very courageous women!


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Having had a small reduction in my CA125 of 28 following 6th cycle of Topotecan and 4th of Avastin after 7 consecutive rises Im thrilled.   Looking for the good news to continue with my next test at the end of August.

Hope August a great month for you all!

Julie x

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Going back to chemo tomorrow after the first month long break I've had in 3 1/2 years! I made the most of it and had a ball. I traveled, went out to dinner, gardened and totally enjoyed my granddaughters. Spent lots of time planning a memorial golf tournie for my brother Bill, who passed from pancreatic cancer last Oct. It went wonderfully (after lots of anxiety!) and now they want us to do it annually, we'll see... Love you all and keep fighting the good fight. It's seven years for me now and it's wonferful to know how strong I can be when not doing chemo each month, something I was unsure of.      ((((HUGS))))   Maria

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After a really busy July, including my daughter's wedding, I'm back ready to fight.  Took round number 8 of Doxil last Wednesday.  Scans coming up Aug. 27.  Another remission is seeming unlikely, but I'll take stable.  Last scans after round 4 of Doxil showed some increase in some nodes, slight decrease in others.  Dr. saw no reason to not continue with the Doxil as most changes were very mild.


Hope all of you have a great day!



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Glad to be done
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August must be the month for everyone.  I had my check up at the end of July and all is well....  It was the first appointment with the new docotor since our move.  She is FANTASTIC.  Spent an hour with me.  I see here every other appointment and she referred me to a new onc but don't have to see them until October.

Hope all is well with everyone.  We have been super busy... Lot's of friends visiting.  In fact we have some coming in Friday afternoon.  They are bringing my oldest with them.  He has been gone for three weeks.  He is at his girlfriends house back in NY. 

Hopeeveryone is having a good summer. 

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Pamela B
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Two months post chemo for me and feeling pretty good.  Still get tired but am back to exercising almost as much as before the cancer diagnosis.  waiting patiently for my first post chemo CA125 test.  It was down to 3 right after the chemo stopped. Keep your fingers crossed.  My hair is starting to come back slowly but I am tired of the wigs and decided to let it all hang out.  Very liberating!

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Hearty Pioneer
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Had my one year check up August 9 and I am still NED. My double mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction and 3 hernia repair is healing. I still am fighting necrotizing tissue on the left breast, but it is healing as it should, like a spot that has been burned. All is going well.  My husband and boys are busy and happy.  Aug 16 is our ACS Relay for Life.  I will be walking the survivor lap and the boys will be walking the caregiver lap. We are excited to particpate.

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Best wishes to all and congrats to those who are doing well in August. It's looking like a good month for me, too. My Mom celebrated her 100th birthday, I turned 66, and … lab results permitting … I'll be finished with chemo by the end of the month!

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So glad to read all of the positive stories on here!!! I am still alive and kicking as well.  Have been on Doxil since January for second reoccurence.  Tumor marker is relativey stable at around 100 and I feel really good!

Stay strong Ladies!!!

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Finished 3 Taxol treatments, so this is my week off. It feels like a vacation. I won't know until the end of the next month if the treatment is working. In the meantime....I'm going to the UK for 12 days...a wedding and a visit to Cornwall. I'm determined to stay healthy enough to do this.

All in all, apart from the cancer thing, it's been a beautiful summer.

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So far everything is good.  it's been March 2009 since my last chemo and so far it's been all I have needed.  I have an appointment tomorrow for my 6 month check up.  

I've been feeling strange and I am going to tell them I've been very tried and when I eat and get full very quickly and it's a adnormal feeling of full.  

anyway.. so far I'm ok. 

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