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Test and More Test

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I have a very busy day today. my Oncoloy has schuled several test today. I guess he is trying to find out where the cancer is and how much it has  spreaded. I have to take the following test, CRC, CHEM-20, CEA,CA27-29,Chest x-ray, a total body bone scan and a CT chest , abdomen, and pelvis with contrast. Some of these test I have never heard of.  Please pray for me that my cancer is still locialize and that it has not spreaded.   

I  hope  that the pain that I have been expericing in my back that started near my shoulder is just imflammatory or a injury I had while at the gym.The last time I was at my Oncoloy I mention that to him and he said that because it was near my shoulder I shouldn't be worried. If it was near my spine than I should be worried.

I have a mamogran scheduled for Tuesday. Wednesday, I  have an appointment with my Oncologist. I guess that is when I would get the resaults of the tests. I will keep you all posted.

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I"ll check back for updates...



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Dear Candican,

I hope that you have just an old injury in your back.  Those test you had are common ones that are given to most in hopes that they all come back clear.

Sorry you have to go through this, let us know the outcome.


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I  am worried and concerned like so many ..  Please keep us posted - when time permitting dear Sister in PINK.  

You are going thru so much, just know that we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Like Sirod mentioned, a lot of those tests are routine ... but, you'll be in all of our thoughts and prayers...keep us posted...


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Praying for good test results for you.  Please keep us updated.




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Keep us posted on your test results! Praying for good news from these tests.

Lynn Smith
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Lots of tests but your doctor Doesn't want to miss anything. I'm sure you're apprehensive.Wishing you the best with all the tests.Hope you're cancer Free but if not I wish for the cancer to be localized and easy to treat.

Please let us know as soon as you find out something but remember we're all Praying for good results.

Lynn Smith  

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I know this testing and waiting are awful, but you will have answers before long.  Then you will know what is going on.  Know you are not alone.  Please keep us updated.

My prayers are with you.



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Wishing you good luck and sending prayers too!

taylor manny
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All tests are scary!  Good luck and keep us updated!

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Sending good luck and a bunch of hugs!


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Just sending more good luck!

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