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Back in Action

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To all cancer survivors:  I have been able to occasionally check the board and appreciate all of the support for my first round of HDIL2.  If you are curious about details, just read Fox's play by play, it is all true.  (thanks Fox, hope all is well as can be expected in round 2).  All I can add is a quote from JG, "what a long, strange trip its been".  I gained 40#'s of water weight and stayed in 12 days to get back to 5% of base weight in order to get discharged.  Drugs (lasix) for weight shedding never set well with me and I am just able to hold down food after 13 days.  I am feeling much better today but exhausted.  I have rough scetches for RCC Art that I saw during treatment and look forward to creating it at my sister in laws studio and sharing asap

MDA Houston is remarkable and it has been a life changing experince.  I have allways enjoyed diversity in humans but the MDA experience has put that belief over the top.  Regardless of race, creed, color, sexual prefference, etc., the caregivers at MDA just keep coming at you with love, compassion and ownership in keeping you alive.  I am eternally greatful.

I have a hard time with computers so I will not be posting much heading towards my 2nd 28 day cycle on August 19th but will do so periodically.  I am looking like a 2 in 2 off guy with 7 doses.  I am praying for all the other cancer survivors, caregivers, and loved ones out there and am going to sign out with this:

Go LIVE, LEARN, LAUGH and LOVE, that is where I will be :)


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Bell... what an extraordinary post! That was alot of water weight gain, and no one can belive my extra five pound is water! ;)  Thank you for sharing all of the info and am looking forward to the art.  I hope you feel better soon! Keep on going tough!

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My Bad so sorry i missed what you are going thru with this HDIL2 but for now i still feel this is the HOLLY GRAIL when it comes to being cleansed from the RCC monster.Bell please please keep us updated on your progress and i look forward to reading your future posts.

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Limelife, i feel the same way.  I will continue to catch up on the site and post.  I just got a new HP laptop and things are getting easier for me.  I had a blood test Monday and was anemic.  Explains the headaches and tiredness i guess.  No transfusions yet.  I have been eating food rich in iron and potassium and feel a whole lot better I am glad to report.  Will do blood work again Wednesday and go from there.

Praying for all of us and the caregivers that are fighting the monster,


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I think I only gained 10-15 pounds of water weight which I easily shed. The 10-15 pounds of muscle mass I lost is more disconcerting for me. I do know however that there is a built in body memory which will allow me to return to my normal self once I feel better. I look forward to regaining control of at least that part of my health. You will do so also.

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I noticed today that my muscle mass is gone, like a little old man.  Not too worried, I am back to 215 #'s and took a nice long walk on the beach this morning to watch the sun rise.  Eating plenty of iron based foods and I feel it is working, blood work tomorrow will tell.

I hope your doing well Fox, we will have to meet up for some pizza and beer when were done to chew the fat, that is if there is any left!




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