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concern about mouthwash

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I am one of the caregivers who posts occasionally on this forum.  I have not had any radiation damage to my mouth and teeth like many of you.  However, I wanted to make you aware of something that I discovered about a certain mouthwash that might be even more of a problem for oral cancer patients.  I called my son (who had throat cancer and rad/chemo tx last year) to warn him about this and was relieved to find out that he does not use the product that I am concerned about. I recently switched from Listerine non-alcohol mouthwash to Crest Pro-health non-alcohol mouthwash when I found the Crest on sale.  When my lower salivary glands and lower jaw began hurting along with some of my teeth, I decided to do an online search to see if there were any mouthwash reviews by others having similar symptoms.  I was surprised to see how many negative reviews are posted about Crest Pro-health.  There are many different problems being reported ... burning sensations, brown spots on teeth, and even loss of tastebud function.  There are YouTube videos by people who have had bad experiences with this mouthwash and many links to reports on other websites about it as well ... just type Crest Pro Health into a search engine and do your own research.  I am returning several unopened bottles that I bought and just wanted to post this concern for the forum members on here because I care about you.  I would be interested in knowing what you think about this.  I have no way of knowing for sure if what I experienced is related to the mouthwash, but I am no longer having any mouth pain since I stopped using it and the fact that there are so many negative reviews of the product by others makes me think my symptoms were related. Here is a link to some of the Amazon reviews: http://tinyurl.com/k7x7ek4 

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Interesting article, my wife uses the Crest Pro-health or let’s say I see it in the bath room. I will ask and see if she is having any problems with it, I don’t use it I prefer using Chlorhexdine Gluconate Oral Rinse. It does stain the teeth after prolong use but I don’t care much about looks as I am about healthy teeth.  


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my dentist actually recommended Pro Health for me and I've been using the toothpaste for some time.  I was doing the mouthwash until rads and I had mouth sores, but had planned to start back.  Interesting.

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My husband uses this mouthwash and says he has no problems with it.  I tried it but it did burn my mouth so I stopped using it right away.  I guess like anything, everyone has a different reaction.

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