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Not feeling so good - advice?

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Hi, my name is Tia, I'm turning 20 in September. For about a month now, I've been bloating, can't poop, I am always exhausted, CONSTANTLY have indigestion...which has NEVER happened to me before until all of this, and I have some pain in my left ovary area from time to time. Some days it's worse than others. I think I can feel my left ovary but I'm not sure...I can't really seem to find my right one. I didn't start to think anything could be wrong (maybe just a little constipation, oh well) until my bloating didn't go away. Now, I do have a BIG family history of cancer - as my sister (age 25) just had surgery and has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My mother, when she was 29, was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had a radical hystorectomy. My grandmother, and great aunt - both on my mom's side - both had breast cancer and each had a double masectomy. Now, even rarer, my other great aunt on my mom's side (all 3 of these women are sisters) was diagnosed and passed away from liomyosarcoma of the uterus. So as if that isn't scary enough, my grandfather on my dad's side was diagnosed with colon cancer a few years ago. I am scared that something is wrong, but I don't want to be overreacting or worry anyone. I feel like my doctors aren't taking me seriously, maybe because I am so young. But I know my body and I know something isn't right - whether it be cancerous or not. I just want some advice and personal insight from someone about what to do, where to go, if what I'm feeling is crazy or not. Everyone around me is just making me feel crazy. 

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Find a Dr. who will listen to you! We have to be proactive. Ask for a Ca-125 blood test and a CT scan. Witha family history of cancer..you need answers. Unfortunaly young women get ovarian cancer also. I pray it is not. Keep us posted please..stay strong...val

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Thanks Val, that means a lot to me. I'll definitely update when I know what's going on.

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I would go to your sister's doctor

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Given your family history and your sister's recent diagnosis I can completely understand why you are paying extra attention to GI symptoms that most women would dismiss.

1) Do not freak out. You do not have ovarian cancer until you're actually diagnosed with it.

2) Ask your family doctor or gynecologist for pelvic and abdominal ultrasound and/or transvaginal ultrasound (if you're sexually active), pelvic CT scan and CA125 blood test. If you feel that your doctor is patronizing you or attributes your complaints to hypochondria - find another doctor. If you clearly explain your concerns and family history and possibly bring your mother with you, doctors will not dimiss you because of your age.

3) Talk to your mother and sister about getting tested for BRCA1. If your mother is positive, get tested too.

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You are very smart to listen to your body.  Your symptoms may very well be something not related to cancer, but given your family history, you want to get the symptoms checked out to your satisfaction.  If your family doctor won't take your symptoms seriously and set you up with further testing, then find yourself another doctor.  I like the suggestion about going to your sister's dcotor.  In any case, take trusted family member or friend (your mom?) to each of your appointments.  It helps to have a second set of ears to absorb the information and to help with the question-asking.

Please keep us posted.  I am hoping and praying for a good outcome for you!


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Thank you Alexandra. It's hard not to worry, but I think coming on here has helped. I appreciate everyone's concern and desire to help. It really means a lot. I'll call tomorrow morning and see if I can't get into a doctor sometime this week.

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Pamela B
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You are definitely not crazy!  You sound very mature for your age to me.  I agree with all of the above. Find a doctor who will take you seriously and take someone to listen for you.  Good news or bad it helps to have another set of ears.  We will all be thinking about you and hoping for a wonderful outcome.  Keep us posted!

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You sound intelligent and mature.  And you are very wise to not overreact at this time.  And I agree - we all know our bodies, better than anyone.  It's definitely time to persue this with someone who WILL take you seriously.  The suggestion to see your sister's physician is a great idea, especially if he/she is a gynecologic oncologist.  When I was 16 I was having all kinds of problems, female problems as they used to say.  No doctor would take me seriously either - said I was 'too young' to have anything significantly wrong.  One doctor finally determined I had endometriosis, which is a horribly painful and debilitating disease.  They need to do the right tests to make any assessment on you, not just shrug it off.

I sure hope you can find some peace in all of this.  Given your family history I understand your concerns.  Please keep us posted.  Sending lots of Prayers and Hugs for you, AND your sister and family.  Let us know how your sister is doing, also.  We care here, and there are lots of shoulders to lean on!



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I just want to thank all of you for taking the time and reaching out to me and care for me so easily. It's nice to get insight from real people rather than medical sites that feel cold and careless. And the visiting my sister's doctor thing sounds like a really good idea. I wouldn't have thought of that - as simple as it is haha. And yeah, it's time to get taken seriously, this stuff isn't a joke. My most recent doctor answered me with "lumpy" when I asked what a swollen lymph node feels like. It just discouraged me. But again, thank you ladies! it means SO much. I'll update you when I know more about what's going on.

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Dear Tia:


I am sorry you are not feeling well.  But being age 20, you must have alot of anxiety, whether it be going to college, working, etc. and especially family members having cancer.    Also, indigestion can be caused by worry and worry can cause a variety of other symptoms.   This is what most doctors would look at and of course would not even consider any problems other than stress related.  However, given your family history, it probably would be a good idea to get some type of testing done.   Just be warned that alot of insurance companies won't consider it necessary and not approve it and therefore you might have to pay for it outright.  However, there is no sure way of knowing what's going on without some type of tests and even tests are not the perfect answer as many tests may not pick up stuff.

But like one of the other posters indicated, I would make an appointment with your sister's doctor.   He/she has the history and the facts and can take you seriously enough to get you to get some tests done.  Because I think you would feel better mentally if you got a test done.  

Wishing you the best and hope you start to feel better.




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Any doctor who listens to your family history and does not order tests to rule out any problems is crazyiIt is a great idea to go to your sisters doctor,make him prove to you that you are okay.


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