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Losing my mother in law....

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My mother in law was diagnosed a month before my wife was diagnosed last October. Not only did she have cancer, but a bad heart as well. Last monday the dr. told her they can no longer treat her anymore because her cancer is to aggressive and her heart could not handle the chemo needed to extend her life. He also told her she has about two months left to live. She is at home under hospice care. This has been very hard on my wife as well as myself.  Man do  hate this beast called cancer that has taken a toll on my family.

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What can anybody say in a situation like this. I'm very sorry that you all have to go through this and we are all here holding you in our hearts and thoughts. 

Wishing all of you strength to get trough this and patients in the future to heal, because there are things in life that only time can make feel gradually better.

Let us know what goes on so we can be there with you on your difficult journey.


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It is never easy losing someone you love especially when it is a slow process.  Just be with her while you can and cherish every memory from the past.  May her transition be easy.  My mom died and although I'm still missing her, it does get easier as time passes.  But I'll admit there are times when I'd just love to talk to her again.  Once again be with her and comfort her with your love.


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"Comfort her with your love.",That says it all.  

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It sure doesn't seem fair to your wife, she has so much else going on. It is also not fair you have two people in your life with this awful cancer.  I'll be praying for your family...stay strong! Jeff

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for your kind words. We are taking it day by day. I think it is starting to sink in to my wife, though she still is holding out hope. I hope this won't affect her in a way that will set her back. I will never give up hope.


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