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Coughing Fits After Stent? Is This Normal?

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My mom had a stent put in 3 weeks ago.  She has gone into coughing fits ever since then.  Is this normal?  We just found out yesterday that her Squamous EC has spread to her liver and kidney.  Also looks like the tumor at the surgical site has grown bigger.  Even when she drinks water, after a little while, she goes into a coughing fit.  She says she doesn't think it's going down her lungs but I just don't understand what is going on.  Anyone else have issues with this?



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Yes, coughing is normal. Stents are a big pain. You have to weigh if the stent is helpful enough to be worth it. When I had stents, they also kept slipping into my stomach, then they'd have to go in and retrieve them. If they put it in the spot where it would stay put longer, it tickled and botherd me so much I couldn't stand it. How is her swallowing without it?

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