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need help..plzz..

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Im new to this site.please help me out.My husband(33 years) was diagnoised adinocarcino in july,2012.gone through 4 cycles of chemo.undergone Total gastrectomy(entire stomach removed including omentum).post surgery he undergone 2 cycles of chemo and radiation.This process of treatment was over in feb,2013.Now again 3 months after radiation there formed a fluid in his abdomen.when it was biapsed,the impression was that there was a peritonial thickening.They started chemo again.now he completed 2 cycles of chemo.He is unable to bear the side effects due to chemo.very horrible to see him in such situation.His confidence levels are very low that he decided that he would surely die with in shoet span of time.Our family is very much worried about him.Is there any one with similar case...please reply me...any suggessions and comments ...

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Hi, Pregnya,

Sorry about your husband! He's still so young. 

My husband's stomach cancer is stage IV. He has taken 12 chemos now, and the surgery has never been an option. We are still fighting hard. Chemos are are very hard, especially on someone like your husband having the TG. It takes about 1 year to recover from the surgery. And now he has to endure chemos. I guess, your husband is very weak and he needs get stronger for chemos. Some people even get feeding tubes.

Has the cancer spreaded? If not, maybe things are not as bad as he feels. He can be cancer free if you can find a good treatment plan. I was wondering whether your husband has got second opinion or not on the current treatment. For my husband, our visit at MD Anderson has helped a lot. The new chemo regimen has been more effective. I don't know what kind of chemo regimens your husband has undertaken. Some drugs are more mild. And I have seen some people taking the maintenance chemos if the regular dosage is too strong. Also, he may be able to take a chemo break. Please do not give up, and you can help your husband to stay positive and seek the better treatment options.

I'll praying for you and your husband! And please keep us posted on the status!

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Hi Jenny,Thankyou for responding.Sorry about your husband too.Ill join him in my prayers.

My husband is very weak and he lost all hope about his recovery.after a lond treatment of surgery,chemo and radiation, there is reoccurance of cancer ,fluid in his abdomen with ascites.we took second opinion where all they said is its the best treatment he is undergoing.Im very new to this and i dont know what chemo regimens my husband went on.Just want to know is it curable or not ? The fluid in his abdomen is removed and undergone 2 chemos  but Dr prescribed for 3.

I dont know how much time it takes to recover.Its very hard to digest.

Hope your husband recovers soon.Stay strong...



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