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Biopsy side effects

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Back on May 20th I had a biopsy of my prostate, late last year my prostate was shaved and the tissue was sent to pathology and came back negative. I have suffered a lot over the years with BPH and the shaving really improved things. My PSA showed a minor rise in May and, because of my family history, the urologist at Penn State Hershey wanted a biopsy. The results were 2 out 12 cores positive, one at 15% and the other at 40%. After 2nd opinions we decided on the watch and wait process. My ability to urinate seriously declined and has remained difficult all of this time, hard to get going, weak stream, starting and stopping, incomplete emptying, it is worse now than before the shaving. Doctor said it can take 12 weeks or more to improve. Will this improve or is the prostate swollen for the foreseeable future? thanks Denis 

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I am sorry for the positive diagnosis.

Most probably the difficulty in urinating is due to localized inflammation. The condition may improve once it heals completely.

You can accelerate things with medication.

Regarding PCa can you share the Gleason attributed and the PSA chronology.

Hope for the best.



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