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Radiation Retinopathy

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Hi, I’m 2 yr post-treatment for Esthesioneuroblastoma and now suffering radiation retinopathy (slight blindness in eye caused by fluid/blood in retina area due to radiation). Retina specialists are recommending steroid shots (yes…in the eye), and wondering how any of you have dealt with this. Thanks.

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Sorry to hear of the complication.  This type of injection is similar to that done for wet macular degeneration.  I have been present for a number of these done to my mother over the last few years.  They sound a lot worse than they actually are.  It takes only a few minutes.  The cornea numbs really well with just topical anesthesia, and the injection is done with a very tiny needle.  Sounds like you better get at it, sight is important.  Welcome to the group.





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I have no experience with rad. damage to the retina.....but plenty of experience with my husbands diabetic retinopathy.  Different dx......but similar tx's.  Yes the shot in the eye is very scary, but do-able.  He has had several over the yrs.  Also, wondering if bleeding is an issue, why are they not zapping the areas with laser ?  This does cause scar tissue to form though.  I will be here to talk with if I can help at all with other tx's.  Please keep us updated....and praying the tx helps clear this for you !   Katie

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I have wet macular degeneration and frequently (as often as monthly for the past several years) have had my eye injected with Lucentis.  Just the thought of an eye injection was scary at first but the thought of losing my vision was even more frightening ... so the desire to save my vision gave me the courage to go ahead with eye injections.  I found out from personal experience that an eye injection is a simple, quick, and painless procedure.  The retinal eye specialists are good at what they do and the numbing gel they use makes the quick injection with a tiny needle something that you really do not feel...a tiny bit of pressure but no pain.  The injection is into the white area of my eye and I am assuming that the eye injection procedure for your condition is very similar to what is done for mine with the main difference being the substance injected.  The ability to see the beauty in our world is such a gift.  I am very grateful that there are treatments like this to help us keep our vision.  Be brave and go do it.  Positive vibes being sent your way.

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