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surgery and dx worries--help!

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Hello, new here and my mind is just reeling with the possibility im dealing with ovarian or some other cancer based on symtoms, family history, and a suspicious growth near an ovarian cyst. I am recently post-menopausal--a year and a half with no period. I started having a lot of indigestion, gas, belching, bloating and some pain in my right groin, at the end of may2013 which I'd had also when I had my (pain and very heavy) periods but went away when they stopped. I also had noticed in april, may i lost weight suddenly, and the pain and discomfort have been getting progressivly worse. I wnt to my GP and she did a pelvic which was very painful. she was concerned about the pain, dischrge from cervix and said I may have PID. She tested for some std's as well which came back neg. she ordered an ultrasound and gave me a shot of penecillin and a scrip for anti-biotic. Ultra sound came back with small cyst with suspicious growth on the fallopian tube. I told her my mother had passed away from ovarian cancer and with that info and my symptoms she referred me to a gyn-oncologist. I finally got to see him july 23, 2013. I have a lot of the classic symptoms, if you could call them that, bloating, change in bowel habitls, pressure on my bladder and all over my pelvic area as well as stinging sharp pains near ovary now on both sides. he did his exam which was  also very painful and then after all that discussed his impression and the next step. He said he was not overly concerned about the growth but couldn't understand why I was having so much pain and discomfort. He said he would rather biopsy with the growth out of me then in. He said that he will schedule a hysterectomy and remove everything, biopsy and stage and debulk if neccessary. The next opening he has for that is sept 4. I am wondering how I will ever make it that long. I mentioned wouldnt a  CT scan help with dx and he said that the tvultrasound was a better diagnostic tool.


Right now i am taking tramadol and naproxin for pain and inflamation as well as ativan which all keeps me floating, miralax, no milk products or things that produce a lot of gas, but nearly everyday I feel worse and i only weigh 90 lbs! So I wonder how will i even survive this surgery? there are days I think I need to go to the er and there are days I feel ok and it is bearable. What is really scary for me is my moms cancer was found when she only had a mild pain on her side, and she was stage IV during her surgery after only a month from the time she had the symtoms.

Im just wondering if I should go back to my gp and ask to get a ct scan to find out what else is going on and if it will change the outcome since i cant get surgery or dx til sept. I would appreciate any insight or suggestions. 

sorry this is so long : ( thanks in advance















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Dear KT:

Sorry you are having so many problems.  You must be worried sick!   What I say is go with your gut instinct.    Everyone's diagnosis is different.  Only you know what you feel and how you feel it.   

When I was diagnosed, I was having a lot of pain.   I went for a colonoscopy - it was normal.  Pain got real severe.   I did a ultrasound.  Didn't show much except a tilted uterus and one of my ovaries was turned - Pain bad and they did a laparoscopy to see what was going on.  Said I had severe endometriosis and that I needed a total hysterectomy which I had six months later after they put me on luprom for six months.   I asked about scans and they said it wouldn't show anything.   

But, after my hysterectomy and I went back for my checkup, I was told that they found cancer in my uterus and on my left ovary and that I needed to have another surgery for staging. (Grade 2, Stage 3a endometrial adenocarcinoma)

My gut feeling prior to this was to have scans which would have saved me an additional surgery.

With your family history and your symptoms, I would ask for a PET scan (although these are really hard to get from insurance companies).   PET scan will show active cancer.  Also have them do a CA125 blood test. 

Also before you do anything, meet with a gyn-oncologist surgeon.  This is where you will get the best answer.   Also, you may be able to get scans through this type of doctor than a regular gyne.

Wishing the best for you.


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There's really no way to know for sure what is going on until the gyn/onc performs the surgery and gets a biopsy.  No test is 100% conclusive, but afterward I and my gyn/onc are all in favor of PET scans and other tests as diagnostic tools.  Wish you could get in sooner for your surgery.  But in the meantime just try to regain some strength.  You will manage the surgery just fine, and maybe you can build yourself up until then.  I know eating is difficult, and with the pain as well you have a lot to handle.  Just take one day at a time and keep up your nutrition with a good protein supplement and other nutrients.  Maybe stick with power shakes (that would include green foods, powdered form) if you can't tolerate solids right now.  Anyway, there are options available to help you.

I also had endometriosis for many years - it can be just as debilitation and painful.  I was down to 86 pounds at one time due to that horrible disease.  So, there's always a chance that it could be that as well, not cancer.

Please keep us informed.  Till then, sending lots of prayers and hugs to you, KT.



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I also had your symtoms and glad a CT scan which found cancer..had surgery about three weeks later and  Was stage three. A Gyn/Onc is the best way to go..very smart. Praying for you..we are here for you..stay strong..Val 


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Pamela B
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You have come to the right place for information and support.  Follow the above advice and you will be in good shape.  I had a friend who had the same symptoms and was sure she had cancer.  Turned out to be a benign mass.  Painful but not cancerous.  Hopefully your will be as well.  We are all praying for you ans sending good thoughts your way. Keep us posted and let us know how it turns out.  Post here whenever you need more support.

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Thank you ladies for sharing your experiences and the reassurance.  I am sooo thankful that this wonderful community is available. Your comments really help me to keep things in perspective rather than letting the fear and worry of the unknown drag me down. 

Yesterday, Sunday, the weather was perfect. My roomie and I went to the local county fair so i could record some footage of some of the horse events. We did a lot of walking, I didn't feel much discomfort, felt pretty "normal"  and I threw caution to the wind and actually ate some junky fair food. Other than a little nausea last night, no ill effects today so that was a gift.

Bless you all, I'll post any new information on my status when I have it.


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Sorry for chiming in so late.  So glad you were able to get some fresh air and enjoy the country fair.  Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts your way!



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