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Signet Ring Carcinoma

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My dad 74 years old was diagnosed with Colon Cancer of Signet ring type in Mar - 2013. The staging was III B .  He had a colon resection surgery on April - 2013. His recovery from the surgery was very slow.  He could not go to Chemo . With intense prayers he slowly started recovering. Yesterday the doctor did a colonscopy and found that the cancer has come back. We were devastated on hearing this. The oncologist said that signet cell is a rare type of cancer and has higher relapse rates.


The oncologist is recommending a second surgery and have a colostum bag attached. Any help on the options would be great. My dad lives in Bangalore, India

On reading on the net I get information that the signet cells originate else where. So after the second surgery there is no guarentee that it will not show up again in the intestine. 


Any suggestions help would be great at this point of time. 



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I also have signet ring adenocarcinoma.  Yes, it can be very aggressive.  I have been told that the only thing that can be done for me is to watch it ... And to from time to time do a laparoscopic surgery to see if it has progressed within the abdominal cavity.  They think mine originated in the appendix but grew into the colon.  There are several of us here who have the same pathology.  I just had a laparoscopic surgery 2 weeks ago and everything looks good.  We will find out for sure today...we have the follow-up with the surgeon.  They did do a saline belly wash...and took that fluid to be tested For signs of cancer Return.  But, as far as the dr could see everything looked good.  The plan right now is to continue to monitor cancer markers and then do another pt/ct scan in 6 months.  I had the rt hemicolectomy last year followed by 6 months of Folfox.

you need to find out, if possible, the origin of the cancer....quite often it is appendiceal.  If it is, then he really needs to be seeing an appendix cancer specialist.



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