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Suspecious for Lymphoma

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 Please find the PET -CT scan results below and guide me the kind and stage of th disease pls?

PET Findings:
Protocol: With the patient fasting for 6 hours, 10 mci of FDG was injected intravenously and 3D PET CT scan was performed
Physiological concentration is seen in the heart,Gut,Brain,Kidneys and Bladder


Increased FDG concentration is seen in the following regions(SUV as per body Wt)
1. Bilateral  inguinal lymph nodes : SUV:17.4
2. Bilateral iliac lymph nodes : SUV :15.7
3. Soft tissue deposits in the peripancreatic region adjoining the tail of the pancreas SUV :25.6
4. Splenic lesions : SUV:14.2
5.FDG Uptake in the perihepatic region :SUV: 5.4
6.Skeleton lesions : SUV: 25.5
7.Nodular deposits in the gastrocolic ligament :SUV:
8.non Specific uptake is seen in the right lower lobe of the lung.

1.Multiple metabolically active soft tissue deposits in the peripancreatic region adjoining the tail of the pancreas.
2.multiple metabolically active spleen lesions
3.multiple metabolically active bilateral external iliac lymphadenopathy
4.Multiple metabolically active bilateral inguinal lymphnodes
5.Focal area of increased metabolic activity in the peripatic space adjoining th segment VI and VII with mild thickening of intercoastal muscle,concern for disease spread.
6. Multiple lytic lesions involving the body of the sternum and L4 vertebral body.
7. Few smaller nodular deposits in the gastrocolic ligament.
8. Consolidation changes in the right lower lobe.

 Previous Medical history : He undergone radiotherapy and chemotheraphy 14 years back for his small round cell in his left leg

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Your doc should be the one to explain this to you. When do you see him (or her?).

PET Scans basically looks for "hypermetabolic activity," or abnormally rapid cell growth, which is usually cancer, but can be tissue healing from a wound, surgery, or other causes.

Only your doctor can explain all of this to you. I would call for a consultation.


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Thanks for you kind and quick reply.

The diagonosis starts on 12th July, starts from Blood test till Biopsy. My doctor is finding it difficult to diagonise for the cause of unexplained fever and sweating in the night followed by weight loss.All the reports are out except Biopsy(Inguinal Node).He is suspecious for lymphoma but not sure what kind or stage etc.. So , i would like to have a second opinion on the basis of report what i have already.So, i kindly request to have a consultation.

The patient is of age 59 yrs, He looks like normal person except the symptoms mentioned above. He eats well and walks talks like a normal person


Please help.



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 My final diagnosis of Follicular NHL-stg3-grd2-typA was only confirmed once my groin tumor was removed and biopsied.Once my bone marrow biopsy was done we were able to determine the stage. Stage 3 is treated the same as stage 4, so don't panic in regards to the stage. All of my testing that took place prior to the biopsy indicated lymphoma, but confirmation of stage, grade and type was determined from pathology of my largest groin tumor and BMB. I had type A symptoms...no night swets, loss of weight, or pain...just a visible tumor on my neck and groin. Actually I felt great and all of my blood work prior to diagnosis was normal. I know it's difficult to stay calm while tests results are pending, but as soon as the biopsy pathology is in you will have a better idea of what is going on. My prayers and good thoughts are with you. Please share back what you find out.

Take care....Sue

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All the signs are there, but as Sue and Max have said your Dr will have to perform other test to confirm. Hope it is not Lymphoma, but if it is it is not a death sentence. More of a chronic disease. At least thats the way I understand it. John

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Night sweats and weight loss are strong signals for lymphoma, especially if there are suspicious nodes.   As we said, only a biopsy can answer this for certain.

People wih lymphoma are very much "normal" acting people, who can function until the disease is very far progressed.  Don't get a second opinion until you get a first opinion !

Share what you learn from this doctor, if you are comfortabe in doing so.



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