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Itchy scalp??

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So I'm sure this has been posted before but I'm a newbie to this.  LOL.  I'm getting used to the no hair thing.  I only have a little left but now my scalp is getting itchy.  I have an issue with a dry scalp but it has never been this easy to treat.  I do have a topical medicine for night time to treat some scabs that I have but I'm wondering if anyone has other things that would help during the day?  Hugs to everyone and have a nice weekend!!



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Hi, Lisa -

I did chemo almost exactly 4 years ago, but I still remember that itchy scalp after my hair fell out!  I also started to get little red bumps, which are a sign of folliculitis, and can get really painful if left untreated.

When I mentioned it to my oncologist, he immediately prescribed a gel medication that really helped, and quickly cleared up the folliculitis, too.  And my recollection is that I didn't just use it at night -- I think it was a couple of times a day.  

If you haven't already, you should also ask your nurse about what shampoo to use -- my oncology nurse strongly recommended baby shampoo, because it's so gentle.

Hope that helps!


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I have bouts of really bad itching.  My onco recommended 1 percent hydrocortizone, but I would not use anything without runnung it past your onco, especially sine you are already using a med at night.

Good luck and keep us posted.


Pink Rose
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Be sure and ask your onco.  He should be able to prescribe something for you that will help.  Good luck!

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