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Diarrhea control

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My mom had a resection in 2010.  She had 18 inches of her colon removed. Stage 3 c. She had been NED since, but has now confided that she frequently has diarrhea. Any suggestions on controlling it ? She has no colostomy ( the bag?) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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I was plagued with chronic diarreah for years . It seems some of us semi-colons have a problem with bile salts mal-absorbtion. I take a 4 gram sachet of questran lite every morning an hour after breakfast and have no problems...Ron.

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helps for me its called the BRAT diet(bananas,rice,applesauce,toast) good luck...Godbless...johnnybegood

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I have read that coconut macaroons eaten several times a day can help with this situation.

I have also read that drinking coconut milk helps.

Apparently there is something in coconut that is the key.

Marie who loves kitties

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 I have read that coconut macaroons eaten several times a day can help with this situation.

Now thats the kind of prescription that I can handle.

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Have her Dr. order  some LOMOTIL for her.  It is stronger than any of the over-the-counter diarrhea meds.  Good Luck!

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But I was told by one of my more experienced oncology nurses to take it differently than prescribed...she said to take 6 of the 8 pills allowed per day all at once, then the other two about 30 minutes later if things didn't slow down.  Lomotil didn't work for me taking it the "usual" way, but it has been very effective taking it in this fashion.  That said, she would want to talk with her doctor about it before taking the internet advice of a stranger!  AA

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My advice was to have her Dr. order it for her. If the Dr didn't agree, so be it!

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Hope everyone is doing well.  Well. Lomotil had worked for me in the past.  Lately I have had lots of stools,  have take 20 Immundiom pills in one day to slow things down.............sometimes that doesnt even help

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I had a simple blood test one by my nutritionist and found  out that I was severely allergic to dairy ( meaning it caused inflammation inside my intestinal walls) so I stopped eatting it. I did not eat tht much anyway, but that cleared things up very well. A lot of people go through ther  lives unaware of their food intolerances that make them miserable on a day to day basis and make drug companies rich! While I am not naysaying all drugs...there are a lot of the over the counter items that are pushed onto us when in reality it is a simple fix. Immodium helped me a lot too, and had to be very disciplined about when to take it...and on a steady, consistent schedule. I had an iliostomy. Good luck!

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