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Interferon / Roferon Side Effects.

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Diagnosis: Nodular Melanoma, Breslow 5mm, Clark IV, no ulceration, no periphereal lymphoadenopathy. T4NoMo.

I was on Biological therapy with interferon alpha 2b. I went through the induction phase. 5 days a week 30 MIU  INTRON A intravenous.

My liver was so damaged by the end of the month that my doctor thought i had Hepatitis. My ast/alt were like 450, and 420.

The second phase was better, but still pretty  bad. 18 MIU INTRON A 3 days a week for eleven months, subcutanously with Multi Dose Pen.

I remember I thought that eventually it will get better , headache, nausea, fever, leg pain but it's didn't. I mean, the fever was not so severe as it was in the begining but everything else just stayed the same.

Now i am doing a research of real life stories of how everyone handled interferon.

Please, if you went through a therapy with Interferon, Roferon, Peginterferon, tell me how you dealt with it. What were the side effects? Did anyone found a way to deal with some of them?

Also, if you are about to start this treatment , please contact me and i will help you with all i know about it.


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I went through the one year Interferon regiment as you did. I think you can click on my username and it will take you to my page which has my story.


Certainly glad to hear you successfully completed the treatment.

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I finished creating my research / book with the help of steadyhealth and it's completely free.

It's called "Dealing with Interferon Side Effects: Patient Stories". And it has...well, exactly what is says. Interviews from other patients who were on Interferon.

I also created and added another booklet called "Interferon-About" which is a collection of useful links i gathered through my research.

I hope this is of some help to someone:




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