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Gabe N Abby Mom Update

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Double Whammy
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I heard from Linda's bff today and she gave me permission to share this information:

"Linda is slowly getting weaker and is on more oxygen, and really can't see well enough to get on the internet. Talking on the phone really makes her winded, and she is beginning to need help getting up. She would communicate more if she was up to it, and yes, being so far away is hard to get information from there. .....She does use the quilt as she is resting on the sofa. When it comes time for a hospital bed, I'll make sure it's there. I plan on heading up there this weekend or early next week to check on things before I start a new job. . . . She knows a brief run-down of what is going on on FB and messages I get from the Sisters, and when she has more energy, I've read her some parts of emails. Overall, she is accepting and still determined to hang in there as much as possible.

Unfortunately, it won't be too long now, and we will lose our sweet girl. Thank you for your continued thoughts and hugs,"

 Let's all send a collective embrace and blessings her way.


New Flower
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thank you. I  crying I do not what to say My only hope she is not suffering from pain and her family stay strong 

sensung positive thoughts

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i pray for the Lord's gentle peace and love surround her, allowing painfree time with family and friends.

God be with her.


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So hard to hear that another of our kindreds is doing so poorly.  Knowing that she has been getting weaker and that she is in hospice doesn't make hearing that she is failing any easier.  I wished I had been able to get together with her and the other Northern California gals but is was not to be.   I know that the ones that meet up in Sacramento had a great time and were privleged to meet each other.  Linda was always full of good advice and had such a positive attitude.  She was so caring and supportive of all on this board.  I hope that she has a gentle journey and is surrounded by all her friends and family.  She is embraced by all on this board and gentle hugs are being sent her way.


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Sending my best thoughts to she and her family.  I hate this disease!  Hugs, Judy

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Always thought I would make it up there to meet all of you in perso. I am sure this is so hard on her kids. This is another one that is breaking my heart. We all knew Linda was having ahard time but I keep hoping.... Will continur to keep her and her family in my prayers and hopethey are able to spend a lot more time together filled with laughter and loving memories.
Love and prayers to Lina,

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it is so hard to hear this, so sad . I too hope she is comfortable andnot suffering. she is such a wonderful person. prayers for her and her family!

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Linda, you are a hard soul to say goodbye to--one of my favorite mb friends!  You have been so wise, gentle and gracious.  You have fought with dignity and courage.  Rest now dear heart.  Prayers that you are comfortable and peaceful.  Gentle hugs and lots of love!

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I don't really have the words for this (but Linda would know exactly what to say).  Her calming eloquent manner has always been one of the things I appreciated most about her here on CSN.  All I can say is that I am really sad hearing about this and just hope that she is at peace and surrounded by her friends and family.


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It is sweet of you to keep us updated.  Very sad news though.  I wish for peace and love to surround Linda and pray for her family to have the strength she has shown to us.  Linda

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Bella Luna
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Thank you Suzanne.  Linda is such a dear soul.  My heart breaks to hear this news, but I pray God grant the family peace, comfort, and strength as they see this last phase of life through to the end.


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Thank you for the update.   I will continue to keep her and her family in my prayers.   I hate this nasty disease.      


Hugs,  Debi 

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Double post

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Triple post.   Sorry

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Christmas Girl
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Elsewhere I read... Our CC described Linda as "gentle & wise"... I thought it lovingly perfect.

Linda has fought long & hard. And until just recently, when she simply couldn't, continued to encourage others here. With kindness & compassion, always. Even during her own difficulties.

I hope & pray she's not suffering, that pain is minimal. And that she is comforted by the presence of her beautiful family - children & husband.

Kind regards, Susan

Nana Sue
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Sending prayers for Linda. 

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So saddened to hear this. I send thoughts and prayers for Linda's peaceful transition from this world to the next, thoughts and prayers for her family that they will have strength and peace to bear this loss.


Thank you, Suzanne, for letting us know. 


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I have read that "Angels are the bright lights in the midst of our lives".  Linda you were a bright light on this discussion board and I will miss your posts.  You have fought long and hard with this stage IV battle and do hope that this part of your journey will be as peaceful as possible.  


Lots of gentle hugs to Gabe and Abby's mom.  May her courage give her children, husband and her family strength.



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Sending prayers for Linda.  From the posts, it is obvious how loved she is.  I will be praying for

her family too.


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We our bound together as Pink Sister's and we hold you in our hearts and prayers, that this journey will have you rejoicing with Claudia soon. My prayers are with the family during this difficult time.



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Sending prayers and strength to Linda and her family.

So sad to hear this news.



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This news breaks my heart as well. I am keeping Linda in my prayers, and my friends are doing the same.  Speechless.


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Thank you for standing by your friend, Linda - thru thick and thin.  You mean so much to us, as well as Linda.  I will pray that our Lord grant you strength in the coming days, and week.  Peace in your heart, and the spirit of Joy.  Your friendship for Linda, and her family has never waviered.  You are what one calls, a 'true friend'. 

I am so proud to know Linda thru our ACS forum.  My prayers for Linda and her family will continue.


Vicki Sam



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I am so sorry to hear this sad news. I am wishing her peace at this time. I am also wishing you strength to get through this. You have been a really good friend to her and I know she will live in your heart forever.



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