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CT Results

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After the rise in my CA125, so very little, and the ground glass haze on my lung, we did a chest CT.  Spoke with docs RN today and she told me the ground glass is still there, with NO change....yahoo!  Do find a "few" PULMONARY NODULES" very small in size.  The radiologist report shows notes -- "appears to be scarring or inflammation".  
Next step --  CA125 is 3 months and then see if need more scans for lungs.  If no change in size or texture or additional ones, we'll wait another 3 months for CA125 and then do the CT scan.  Did ask the RN to send me a copy of scan for my files.  I love to read them and feel I have a bit more control.
As my husband asked me after the news, how do you feel???  Sorta at ease as do know what I'm dealing with but need more time to get a bit more research under my belt.  In the end, it is what it is, but thankfully nothing said CANCER or threw the doc to have biopsy (really can't since they are too small).  This is my 4th scan since my diagnosis where some "unknown" has shown up, and with other 3, was nothing serious...hoping same with this last one.  As someone's doc mentioned, as we age we have "body junk" which shows up for no reason....like left-over skin cells, which are there from the beginning or like skin tags, appear for no reason.
GOOD NEWS -- no cancer found anywhere!!!!  I just celebrated 4 yrs NED yesterday and have no plans on diverting from this path.  I'm a determined person to live a very long life.  Tell my husband if I go before you, who will make your oatmeal every morning and do the laundry??....lol~  surely not him
Anyone have insight or experience with pulmonary lung nodules?  
Thanks all you brave warriors~
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I have never heard of " ground glass haze" before.  I do have some pulmonary nodules in my lungs, too.   I am so happy there was no mention of cancer.  Continue to celebrate NED For many more years.  Keep up the good week.  In peace and caring.  

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i hope you are having a great day.

I believe
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Congratulations Jane for the 4 years NED!!! wish you all the health, your story is really encouraging for all the people on this site.

Take care

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I am delighted for you.  I have some lung nodules and it is believed they have been there forever as far as we know.  Just innocent anamolies.

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So happy for your good news,hope you have many many years with your new man Ned.

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That is so good Jan!  Know you are relieved.  I have three nodes in my lungs that they just do a chest x-ray every six months.  Several dr.'s did refer to them as body junk, one said I was probably born with them.  It did cause a bit of humor.  An Infecticous Disease dr. told me in front of my regular MD that I did have lung cancer...then he just turned around and left the room.  The look on my MD's face was priceless and his fumbling through my charts to see what he had missed.  He was so ticked off at the other dr. when I tPold him I knew it was just body junk!  Gotta find humor SOMEWHERE!!!







P.S.  my google email is on the fritz.  See you later....Debra

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Hi Jan:

  In response to your posting, I do also have a few pulmonary lung nodules - they have been stable the last few CT scans and my oncologist lets me know although this past time the end of June when I last had my CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis, I asked my oncologist's office to send me the report because I don't go back and see my oncologist until early October for my 6 month exam and I wanted to see the report.  My pulmonary lung nodules were found back in 2007 so it has been a few years.  I am Not a smoker so this was a real surprise to me.  I did eventually see a pulmonary lung doctor and they were watched, and I was initially concerned about lung cancer, and the pulmonary lung doctor said they would double in size within a few months if they were cancerous, but my nodules never did thankfully, and I had bronchitis over the years and most likely they were caused by this.

   I am the only member in my immediate family of my Mother, Father and brother that never smoked.  I was supposed to go back in 2010, but then I came down with symptoms of UPSC and the bleeding, and I never got back to see the lung doctor and then with the chemo and radiation and constantly running with the cancer and all the treatments and feeling so worn out after having had chemo, but anyway, these nodules are on the cat scans and I know if anything were to change with these nodules, my oncologist would let me know.  I see a number of other doctors through the year for other organs I need to check on.

  Anyway, Congratulations on your remaining NED for 4 years from your cancer. From the sounds of things, you are doing everything you can to eat healthier and surely you should continue to remain cancer free and live a long ahd healthy life.



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Sara Zipora
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Warmest Congrats on your Ned-anniniversary!

May the good news continue for you and all the warriorettes!



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Jan - What good, good news!

I, too, have several lung nodules originally seen on CT after my 6 rounds of carbo/taxol. My PCP requested my gyn/onc to order a CT neck to crotch at 6 month intervals along with my ongoing post-cancer check-up appointments. After 3 CTs, the nodules still looked the same, so we dispensed with the CTs. My PCP thinks the nodules are probably some kind of residual necrosis from my 6 bouts of pneumonia over the years.

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful news with us!


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Double Whammy
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This is good news, Jan. Do your research (because that's what some of us need to do) and put your mind at ease as best you can. 


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SO pleased that everything has turned out well.  Long may you continue to walk the path with NED.

Kindest wishes


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You ladies are the "bomb" as my 21 yr old would say...lol!  Going down the cancer journey isn't always easy, but with a group of warriorettes with me..sure makes it much easier.

Until I heard about my lung nodules had no clue it was leftovers inside many of us...THE JUNK.  Apparently as we age that body junk shows up and  generally of no concern.  Could be from an old illness which has left signs of inflammation.  The healthy stuff surrounds the bad guy, and gobbles it up but leaves the residue which are nodules (what a friend told me who's an RN).  

One thing someone told me, we live in St Louis (STL) and her 2 prominent docs informed her most everyone in STL (where we are surrounded by rivers....Mississippi, Meramec, etc) have higher possibility of lung nodules. Have no idea why...any ideas or heard this same info?

Makes me think God is always knocking on my head to remind me 'YOU HAVE HAD CANCER'...so DON'T FORGET...why thank you Higher Power~~

Life is good, so I'm still running with NED and grateful!!!

Appreciate you all so very much....




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Such good news for you.  Glad that everything is OK.  I too have a lung spot that the pathologist and the Onc Dr said was from past infection (bronchitis, flu, pneumonia or smoothing.  It has showed up on all the CT scans and has not changed, so it is good news.  Congrats on the four year mark.  Hopefully I can get there too one day.  I am just coming up on my two years on 22 Aug, so I have a ways to go before I hit it.  Unfortunately the cancer is always in the back of all of our heads wondering about each ache and pain, but life still goes on and we do the best we can.  Prayers for all the lady warriors. Trish

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I am so happy for you for your news!    lol @ body junk.  Wish there was a place we could throw it!!

Have a great weekend.


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Big Congratulations on your great news! Thanks for sharing this........it gives us all hope!



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Congratulations on nearly 4 years NED!  YOu too, Trish, at the 2-year mark this August!  I share your aggressive type of tumor (MMMT) and August marks two years since the end of treatment and nearly three since diagnosis--and I too am NED (as far as I know, that is--feeling great!).

By the way: do we calculate NED from the time of diagnosis--or from the end of initial treatment?


Love to both of you,




Posts: 471
Joined: Feb 2011



Congratulations on nearly 4 years NED!  YOu too, Trish, at the 2-year mark this August!  I share your aggressive type of tumor (MMMT) and August marks two years since the end of treatment and nearly three since diagnosis--and I too am NED (as far as I know, that is--feeling great!).

By the way: do we calculate NED from the time of diagnosis--or from the end of initial treatment?


Love to both of you,




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Kathy G.
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Great news! I am sure you are relieved despite the lung nodule report. It is probably nothing anyhowEmbarassed (Easy for me to say!)

Anyhow, you certainly deserve this as you work so hard at your recovery and keep everyone posted along the way.

100 more years of NED...hopefully your husband won't get jealous of this other 'man' in your life!


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I am so happy for your results. I had Mets to the lungs for about 3 years now and they are not growing according to my latest ct scan. The waiting is what gets me the most. I also ask for a copy of the scan. I just came back on here after a year or so just to give information and hope to others. 

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Hi Jan,

How wonderful to hear that you are a 4 year survivor! I am also  a long term survivor of ULMS. It has been 4 years and 9 months with no recurrence. I have created a blog and a Facebook page with lots of positive encouragement for ladies with ULMS. My focus is on all of the many ways we can support the body's immune system and encourage it to prevent recurrence in the future. You can find me if you search Uterine-Leiomyosarcoma.Blogspot.com or ULMS-Integrative and Natural Treatments. I'm visualizing you surrounded by a glittering, blue-green healing light. Blessings!

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Congratulations on being NED for four years.  That is great!

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