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Something for side effects.

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Just wanted to mention and get some other's thoughts on taking something to help with side-effects of chemo. I am currently on the FOLFOX treatment and the effects (fatigue, loud noises bothering me, neuropathy, muscle spasms and cramping, and nausia) seem to be hitting me pretty hard. I got the standard compazine for nausea. I have found that drinking Essiac Tea has helped me deal with chemo. by leaps and bounds. I would recommend if you are going to try it, to do research. I'm not a doctor, I'm just telling my experience. Just my little disclaimer,haha. Since beginning to drink the tea three times a day, I have had an increase in energy, my wife says my color is much better, and who knows, maybe Renee Caisse did have a cure (that will never be admitted by "them"). In any case, it has done wonders in how I feel most of the time. But like all the doctors have said, "everyone is different".  

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Emend is GREAT for nausea. It's expensive and was not on my plan but my onc was able to get it covered. I highly recommend it. Vitamin B is good for neuropathy too. HTH

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Another few meds for nausea that I use and rotate them for various reasons.

Ativan - (this makes you a bit dizzy at times, and I take it late evenings or night time more often than during the day. But if nausea is really bad and vomiting in there, I take it day or night... as it's works)

Zolfran - this is pretty good too. Not as strong at Ativan. It's great for daytime use, as it doesn't cause me to be loopy or tired)

Compazine - This isn't strong enough for me anymore... so I rarely take it.

Special Cookies - And, the best thing in the world for dealing with this... are "special cookies".  


I keep crackers by the bed... so I'll eat a couple crackers right as I wake up. It helps a lot during the bad nausea mornings.


remember, if it says take one ever 6 hours or two a day of one med, be sure to ask the doc or your pharmasist if you can "over-lap" two different drugs by a couple hours... so you rotate from Compazine, to Zofran to Ativan... then roate another in.  Get to know your pharmasist... he or she can be a huge help in dealing with the various side effects from the different chemo treatments.

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I rotated between Ativan, Compazine, and Zolfran like Joe.  Changing it up seemed to help me when I felt the Nauseas.

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Thank you all, really appreciate the input.

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