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Just got the word....

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I got the call shortly before leaving work today. My 1st post treatment PET scan will be next week, Tuesday August 6th, 15 weeks post Tx. It's going to be a LONG day as I have to be in Baltimore by 8am (leave VA a little before 6am) as my appointment is at 8:30am. The test takes 2.5 hours. Then it's off to Speech/Language Pathology for a swallow study and exam at 12:30pm and off to Radiation Oncology to see my RO at 2pm. PEG should be coming out and I'll be scoped as well. The good thing is that I should have the results of the PET scan by then (according to the PET center folks that called). 

So it will be one tiring crazy and stressful day!  Then it's back to Baltimore on Friday the 9th for blood work and to see my MO. 

Positive thoughts and prayers appreciated!


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Hi “T”,

Do you need a “wheel man”? 

Clean scans ahead for you.

Positive thoughts for everything you do.


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Good Luck and am sending prayers your way,Let us know soon as you can.

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made me appreciate one other little thing about getting further out from treatments.....the Dr. appointments aren't piled on top of one another so much.....like there's room now for space inbetween.  Laughing  I look at last years calendar and it makes me tired today....I must have been exhausted when it was actually happening!

I KNOW your scan will be clean and clear, but am tucking you in my pocket anyway.....and it's convenient that your swallow Doc, your RO, and your ENT will all see you on the same day....WAY too far to have to see them on separate occasions...


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Best of luck and all my prayers being sent to find you NED. I can't wait to hear the good news


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Prayers being said for you daily!  I'm glad you can see everyone in one day and get results!  You will get to meet NED that day and say goodbye to your Peggy :)  What a busy day you'll have! 

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How could it not be?

I hope all goes great on your very full day.


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Good thoughts and plenty of prayers coming your way.

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I'm looking into my crystal ball and I see NED. Ned Beatty holding a sign stating Mr. T is now Mr. Clean.

All kidding aside, T''s and P's coming your way and I am feeling good about your results.

Enjoy the day


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Headed down the road with you....

I'm sure you're going to be just fine.... Slightly well done, a bit more crusty, but other wise good to go.


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be riding along, peering over your shoulder at all times, cheering you on when Ned is declared~~prayers for you

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Ingrid K
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sending you prayers and best wishes that a long, long day will bring only good news.....

and that you get to meet NED.


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Good thoughts for NED....Sounds like you have your itinerary ready!



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t, positive thots and prayers by the cart full!!  can't wait to hear ur good news.


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I appreciate the kind words and positive vibes!


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Literally as well as spiritually.  I'm getting my 6 mo CT Today and will have the results on Tuesday like you.  

My friend I wish you all the good things I wish for myself.


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I hope and pray that everything will go well for you, keep your positive attitude and marching forward to the finish line. Know this for sure, that no matter what the results are you are in God’s hands.

God Bless

Tim Hondo


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jim and i
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Praying for NED and a safe, although exhausting trip.



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Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way! Fingers crossed that your scans come out great! I'm sure they will! Thinking of you!


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Prayers and positive MOJO headed your way. The waiting sucks! I expect to hear good news from your scan. 



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Keeping you in prayer for tomorrow that everything will go well


God be with you

Tim Hondo


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Thoughts and prayers for you!!!Laughing

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I will be thinking about both of you tomorrow ! Positive thoughts for both of you to hear the words , No Evidence of Diease !!!!!

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I'll let T speak for himself but my scan came back clean.  Lots of swelling (6 months post treatment) still and eating is a chore but even all the weird little nodules that were in my lungs are either gone completely or have shrunk substantially.  Now if I could just eat and get rid of the remaining mucous I'd be really happy.

Thanks all for the good wishes.


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That's so good to hear J !!!  So amazing to be NED and the nodules gone !!! I"m the same about the eating being a chore and the mucous but the dry mouth bothers me the most , but hey we're still here and feeling good ! 

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That's awesome Joe...  Time will heal the rest. 

Positive thoughts and prayers!


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been praying for you, hope today went well.



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Joined: Apr 2013

And know that all will be well :)

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Joined: Jan 2013

For all intents and purposes I'm NED! The prelim report was no sign of anything that raised any red flags. I'll know "officially" tomorrow but I got a call from my RO's team about an hour ago and they said if they thought for a minute there was something up, I would have been admitted for more tests. 

Everything else was good and as expected for 15 weeks post Tx... see my post "Hit the Road Jack" :)

Next scope in three months...

Thank you for all your positive thoughts and prayers! 


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I heard that BIG sigh all the way over here! I'm sure you are more glad than I on getting a clean scan. Super news. don

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Ruben and Jude
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That's great news. NED forever!!!  Cool

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