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A Tribute for Chen

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Hello friends, family, kindred's and all who knew and loved our Chen, Claudia Cable. We will be holding a tribute to honor her spirit and share laughs and warm memories, on August 17th in Santa Barbara CA from 9:00am to 3:00pm. For location details please message me. It will be a beautiful day with a paddle out in her honor <3 thank you to all who have been sending their love and support in these past weeks.. We appreciate each and every one of you..

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helen e
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I would love to be able to attend your tribute but my daughter is going off to college for the first time and I need to be with her. I know Chen would understand. I will light a candle and have a small tribute of my own here in NY on the same day so I can be with you in spirit.


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My heart will be there, but tx won't allow me to travel.  My prayers to all her family and friends.  We will all miss her.  Her sufferring is over and we will all get to meet her one day in that perfect place where she now resides.

God bless all of you.


New Flower
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Thank you for your post


New Flower
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California Team

if you are considering, please get in touch.


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I will be there for this tribute for our dear Claudia.



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and will certainly be there is Spirit.

Love & Hugs,


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I will be bringing Vicki Hilton with me....and my smart phone will be navigating....


BIG hugs, dearest one!



faith_trust_and_a_little_bit_of_chemotherapy's picture
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I am touched and honored that you would unselfishly think to include us in this tribute.  

I remember the Long Beach meeting when Claudia mentioned that we were meeting strangers in real life and how we were doing everything our parents had warned us not to do.  But more than that, I hold dear the love, warmth, and encouragement I felt from these same strangers.

Thank you for continuing Claudia's model and embracing us.  I will be in touch with Olga and Tracy about attending.



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I have plenty of room in my car....right now, it's just Vicki and I....let me know....I'm coming from Redlands....


Hugs, Kathi

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Christmas Girl
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... for, again, informing & including all of us here - beloved Chen's CSN Kindred Spirits. I am grateful to all my SoCal KSs who are planning to attend. Hoping they'll carry along, within their hearts, all of us who are simply too far away (like me) to physically be there.

On the 17th - I'll do something special to honor my precious sweet pea friend. And will always, forever, love and remember her.

Kindest regards, 12/25 xoxoxo

Lynn Smith
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I'm like Christmas Girl.Quite a distance.BUT think this is such a wonderful thing to do for Chen.She was loved by all of her Pink Brothers and Sisters.

Since many of us aren't able to make it we're disappointed we cant but all of you goinig not only will you be honoring Chen but you will meet her family and friends.You're so Lucky.

You're missed Chen!!!!!    

Lynn Smith 

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We will always miss you Chen.May the love you gave to each of us be passed to others.I will hold your memory close to my heart for the rest of my life.Your so ring away with the Angels now.Love you my sweet Chen.

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Christmas Girl
Posts: 3691
Joined: Apr 2009

Our beloved Chenheart's tribute event will take place tomorrow - Sat., August 17th.

Many of us - like me - are simply too far away to attend. Still, I will participate in my own way - as am sure many here also plan to do.

Kind regards, 12/25

And with gratitude to sweet Siobhan for including us.

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