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Another Bump On My Tongue

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I had stage 4 squamas cell carcinoma in July 2010. I had 90 to 95% of my tongue removed and replaced with my thigh. I also had a double neck dissection with cancer on the left side. They removed 38 cancer lyphnodes. I also had chemo ( CIsplatnim ) and radiation. I had 76 grey radiation.

Saturday night when i went to brush my teeth i noticed a white bump on the flap part of my tongue beside my real tongue. Sunday mourning when i brushed my teath i noticed my gums on the same side below the bump was hurting when i brushed my teath. That never happened the first time.

My question is has anyone heard of cancer coming back on the flap part of the tongue. My doctor is on vacation and my appointment is not until Aug 11. A lot of crazy thoughts will go through my head until then. LOL

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jim and i
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Sorry, no info on question but I pray it is not a return. Debbie

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the "crazy thoughts" going through your head....It doesn't take much to allow them entry into my head.  We've gone through a lot to get where we are today, so anything out of the ordinary sends up red flags.  We say this to ourselves and anyone else who gets into the initial panic mode....it ain't cancer till somebody says it's cancer....I've only been here a year, but so far I haven't heard of anyone with a reoccurance in the flap.....

One thing I remind myself when I get into a tiz about something going on in my mouth or throat.....I remind myself that if there was pain associated with HNC, most people would be diagnosed at Stage I or Stage II......but it usually takes something other than pain to initiate a Dr. checking into it.  Chances are you're seeing one of those gifts from radiation....they seem to pop up for years after rads are over.

Glad you're checking it out with the Dr......if for nothing else than simple relief, which I'm sure you're going to get.


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There is no way this represents cancer.  In order to invade the flap, there would first have to be a cancer somewhere else to metastesize from.  Although within the realm of possible, the odds of this are so vanishingly small that it isn't worth the worry until Aug 11.  Having said that, its tough being a survivor, isn't it?  We all look  at every bump with our new perspective.....


best to you




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dav, i don't know about ur type of cancer but i wanted to wish u the very best.  rather than wait and drive urself nuts, i'd called the office 2 c another doc.  i wonder f we will always get scared when we feel a new bump somewhere or will we grow out of that.  i hope we grow out of it.  i will b praying 4 u.  b sure 2 let us know what u find out.


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of it appearing in the flap either.  I'll be praying that it's nothing and that your mind will be at ease! 

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Could it be thrush.....

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I'm with Pat on this one, sounds real unlikely and I would think that your ENT would have created a little more urgency if they didn't feel the same.

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