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Horrible Mouth Sores

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Hello to my support group!


While I know mouth sores are to be expected with some Chemotherapy Regimines, I need to know if anyone has words of wisdom on how to deal with them. Mom has had mouth sores in the past, but hey are now getting worse with the regimine of Folfiri and Zaltrap. If she drinks liquids it hurts. Her tongue feels heavy, and she has had to leave her upper denture out (as per her dentist) to let the sores heal. The oncologist is lowering her dosage slightly in hopes to give her relief, however I am trying to figure out alternatives in the meantime. The following are the rinses that did not work:

MuGuard-Burning sensation

Biotene- Burning sensation

The one that works temporarily (probably due to the lidocaine) is magic mouthwash.

Any suggestions would be helpful.





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For me it was a simple fix, 1/4 teasoon baking soda and 1/8 teaspoon salt in one cup hot water.

I hope you find something that works for your mum.

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...subscribe her "Miracle Mouthwash."

if she has white patches all over that could be Candida and Nystatin mouthwash is the treatment, but she needs to see her dentist for that.

hope this helps.


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I began Folfuri June 1st... and by the end of the 3rd treatment those mouth sores got so bad that they went down my throat... to the point where i could NOT swallow.  Nothing. Not even water.

so, I became dehydrated... yet the sores began to infect my assophogas and everything.  I was admitted to the hospital and was put on I.V.s and TPN, as well as LOTS of antibiotics and other drugs.

I was in the hospital for 8 days (7 nights). It was horible.

keep an eye on her intake, and make sure she's staying hydrated... if not, get to the doctors and push for more ideas.


and yes, I've tried about every one of the magic mouth washes... and many docs have different formulas for different purposes. for example, one of them will totally numb your mouth, tougne and throat before meals. While others do help to cure, not only relieve pain.

and, the salt and HOT water helps greatly... and its actually "refreshing".


i hope this helps.




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For me too, is what worked best. Good luck.

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If it's fungal, then Nystatin worked for me (not stingy)

Also/otherwise, I use something called "Oral 7" (not sure if it's available in the States). It is one of the few mouthwashes I'd found which has NO ALCOHOL, which is critical for me. It apparently has all sorts of helpful enzymes, too. Good luck. 

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Thanks to all! I will try anything and everything.

Have a wonderful day.



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Mine was equal parts salt/baking soda.  I kept a jar fo the mixture by the sink, and every time I went into the bathroom, I'd dump a spoonful into a cup of tepid water, mix, and rinse my mouth.  I did this at least 4 times a day, including my "off days."  However, if the sores are really bad, then she needs to work with her dr and dentist.

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is based on repair and relining the mucous membrane. L-glutamine is a preferred nutrient for restoring mucosal cells and epithelial surfaces - including mouth and gut.

We mixed some glucosamine, ~1/2 cap 500 mg; niacinamide ~1/2 cap 500 mg; lysine ~1/2 cap 500 mg; and sodium ascorbate 1/4 tsp or 1 gram; zinc supplement 50 mg cap; magnesium chelate (glycinate, lysinate, or similar amino acid) cap with 1-3 tsp glutamine. My wife would hold a little dab of powder on the sores 10-15 minutes and then swish, and swallow.

We also got fanatic about removing synthetic folic acid sources from anywhere - bread, fortified flours, multivitamin. We mix our own vitamin mix from individual components, while on 5FU-LV, 3+ yrs so far. With this the sores disappeared long ago. A few multivitamins use leucovorin or L-5MTHF for B9 instead of synthetic folic acid which causes increasingly severe side effects with dose when on 5FU regimes.

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Nana b
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Miracle mouthwash. ONC can prescribe.  Google it. 

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