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Husband's 1st post tx PET scan = no cancer

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Hi everyone,

Like some others, I've been lurking....not much to report until today.

the last 12 weeks have been pretty tense. We both feel like a huge weight has been lifted, but we're still not back to "normal" by any stretch.  Thom is still feeling better every day, but eating is a bit of a struggle.

He's down 50 pounds, but is holding as of this week. He's gone a couple of days eating all "people food" and just a couple tube feelings when he couldn't find anything that tasted good enough to eat. 

When I first joined this site I never thought this day would come, and we had such a tremendous fear of the unknown. I want to sincerely thank everyone for contributing. 

Now our summer has officially begun! 



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Normal...., LOL...

One thing that I am not, I'm more the Abi-Normal type myself....




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Congratulations on your husband's first NED report!  I pray that all reports will come back equally as cheerful.  It is wonderful hearing that your husband is getting on with his new normal.  May God bless him with continued success in his recovery.  I lurk around a lot myself.  I think it's okay.  Wink


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....and the first scan is a big one....waiting to hear those words....NED!  Congrats to both of you....glad to hear he has whole days of eating people food.....lol....if this were a different board, I'd be happy he gave up dog food...ha!  Time for Thorn to don a big hat and get out there and enjoy the summer.


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Delightful post, hearing an all clear does take the edge off all the stress.  Enjoy your summer and try lots of things to eat, who knows he may like a few.



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Congrats on a GREAT report!!  Enjoy the remainder of the summer and celebrate!

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Glad your loved one is finished and got his NED! The worst part is over, now it's time to move onto the new normal...or Abi-Normal as Skiff likes to say. Laughing

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congrats on the first of many neds!!


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It feels so good to hear them say that you're NED, it feels like you just slipped off a pack that weighed 100 lbs after carrying it for miles and miles and miles.  I'm so happy to hear that the scan was clear. 

Celebrate good times, come on!

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Congrats to Thom...and you too, Kelly. Sorrry you had a need but glad you found this site. I'm hoping for my 15 month post tx NED tomorrow.


Candi in St Louis 

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Great News............ I love it when cancer's *** gets kicked

Heal on


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Ruben and Jude
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Ruben was recently deemed NED. I feel your joy. Here's to a lifetime of NED. AMEN. Laughing

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We so look forward to being in the same place you are. I hope you hv had a great summer. We are praying for a new year free of the beast. You hv been there I am just starting to become " super" caregiver. Congrats again so happy for you    caregiver BAC 

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No, not Wilber...It's the amazing Mr. NED! (anyone get the obscure reference? ~lol~)



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This is great news! I pray that he continues to to recover, as well as my dad.  Thanks for letting us know! :)

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