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Change in My Surgery Tomorrow

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The surgeon has changed his mind about what he is going to do tomorrow. His PA called me this afternoon. He is no longer even going to start with the VATS procedure to see if it would work for him.

He is cutting the left side of me (right where I have nerve damage pain from the nerves being nicked back when I had my BMX with node removal) to gain better access to the spot on my lung. He is going to cut it out, and send it right to pathology. If it comes back cancer, he will cut the whole lesion out plus some more for clean margins. I am going to ask him to just cut the whole thing out anyway and see what he says. I also have to make sure he takes enough out for the Pulmonologist to run the labs HE wants to looking for diseases, especially a lung disease that runs with German/Irish ancestry.

I have been too darn busy these past two days to worry much. Had to take Brian to the ER last night becuase he was hooked on a lure the same time as a fish (just like I did a summer or two ago). It was in so deep there was no way he could get it out. It was to bad because the fish were biting.

Today I have been on the go since I woke up. Took care of some paperwork, went to Walmart, picked up pills at the pharmacy so I am all stocked up, picked a whole walmart sack of grean beans from the garden (Brian came out and  helped, he also cut the ends of for me), then I had to clean them, chop them, can them, and with the rest I made Grean Bean Soup, and I totally cleaned the bathroom.


Im exhausted. good night.

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I've been reading your posts and wanted you to know I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and sending good thoughts your way. I hope for an easy procedure and good results.



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I hope your surgery goes well tomorrow.  You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs coming your way,


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Praying your surgery goes well for you.


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Good luck!

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and I am sorry you had to leave when the fish were biting. I went with my boys Sunday and it is the first time that I caught fish and they were skunked!
Crossing all for a good biopsy.

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Just wanted to say I pray for a quick recovery. I pray for good results. I pray for peace in your heart. And I pray for all of this to end.

Sending you hugs and prayers your way today and always.

New Flower
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I hope everything goes well. Praying for the best possible outcome.


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Sweet Lady, you are high on my prayer list.  In spirit I will be by your side tomorrow.  Praying for good results and happier, healthier days.


Nana Sue
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Praying for a successful surgery and a fast recovery.


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Sending you good thoughts and prayers for your surgery.  Wishing you a speedy and easy recovery.




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Thinking of you..


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Sounds like you've been very busy.  We'll be waiting for your good news.  Hugs, Linda

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to you!!  Smooth sailing thru surgery, and easy recovery I wish for you.  Please update when possible.


Vicki Sam

June Bugs
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Good luck!

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