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pleural effusion and ascites!

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I am assuming if my mothers numbers went up and they now notice fluid in the lungd and ascites that the cancer is spreading. she's back on carbo but they didn't add in the taxol this time. i'm working so i am not there to talk to doctor which is a necessity cuz she asks no questions. They told her that its not that much so its not a bad sign. i know from coming on here that its not a great sign. please help me.

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Of course I remember you.   Good to hear from you again but so sorry your mother had only 2 months off chemo.   Are the Drs going to drain the ascites and pleural effusion or are they thinking the carbo will reduce them?  So hard not to worry but don't go jumping to conclusions!!   Interested to hear about the desensitization to carbo.  Do they do that by administering small frequent amounts?   I think you need to have another talk with the Oncologist and hopefully he/she can put your mind to rest a little.   Sending you both hugs and wishes that the next step will get you safely over this hurdle.

I have my next CA125 and Topotecan next week so a little anxiety starting to build however just back from a lovely few days away with my hubby and was able to forget about it for a bit!



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