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Just had a consultation.

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Just had a second consultation with the surgeon. I told him how much the radiation and Xeloda helped. He felt my tumor in the rectum and said it shrank from 5cm to 3-4cm, but still will shrink a little more. They agreed with my oncologist to go on a couple rounds of Folfox as of next week. MRI at the end of August and surgery at the end of September.  I also asked for a second CT of the chest, because even though the first one was clear in May, I've been having this chronic cough and I want to make sure it's not mets. He reluctantly agreed.

I never like this surgeon. Even though he is about 55, he seems very uncomfortable and that makes me question his confidence. 

When I told him that in mid Sepember we are gonna have a small wedding ceremony, without any curtesy he said: "Most likely you are gonna end up impotent after the surgery." Other doctors told me 15-20% chance. Not that it's a primary issue after all it is my life that's on the line, but can you say "congratulations" first like normal people then point out the potential issues relating to relationships.

Thanks for listening,


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My surgeon has the personality of a post, however, he's excellent at what he does!  If you don't like surgeon, find someone else. There's got to be more than one good surgeon in you town. I think it's important you have faith in your surgeon, it's one less worry.

I had a colon resection near the sigmoid and descending colon, lost 6 inches. They told me the same thing, however, I' was lucky and my gear continues to operate:) Perhaps they say that just to cover their a$$.  Good luck with with the surgery....


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