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FNA Biopsy Negative

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It would appear that the FNA on my slighly enlarged node was necrotic and there were no viable cancer cells...so they canceled the selective neck dissection and said see you in six weeks for my post treatment PT Scan! Great news but still a little on edge about the first Pet Scan...


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jon, that is OUTSTANDING!!!  the next 6 weeks will fly by and u'll get more good news.  hang n there and try 2 b positive.


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Jon! That's awesome news!  I'll be praying that you get some great results from the Pet scan as well! I'm sure you will!

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Great news!  "No viable cancer cells" are wonderful words to read (and hear!) 

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The ~Whew~ that is... congrats on the negative biopsy!


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Great news, Jon.  I hope the next few weeks don't drag by for you.  Here's praying news remains good!


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That is good news and they are watching you close, all the better.


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Wow, this is great news!! Congratulations! I'm sure PET scan will be good too!

My dad had already 3 FNAs post treatment. He also has slightly enlarged lymph node after treatment. They did 3 FNAs and two CT scans. FNAs did not get enough useful material for diagnose - as it was written in the report, there is only debris and "junk" in that lymph node, but they did not say whether there are or aren't cancerous cells in it. Last CT showed that everything is ok, and that this enlarged lymph node is even smaller and stagnating. It looks like it is only destroyed lymph node from rads. But they will check up on him every two months.

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