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I thought i would post my picture after 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hope it works but this is me 3 years after being diagnosed and first picture ever posting on the discussion boards.~~MollyZ~~

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You are lovely Mollyz and it's always nice to have a face with a name.  I won't allow anyone to take my photo now as I have no hair, no eyebrows or eyelashes.  I wasn't fond of the camera ever.  However, I do have one on my expression page though it is old now.

Best to you,


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Oh, my, it's so funny to me the way I picture people. For some reason in my mind you were a fair-skinned short redhead! I have no idea why.

And look at you--dazzling and beautiful and long dark hair.

Thanks for the picture---I'll be laughing at myself all day:)



P.S. Doris, your picture matches what I was imagining. You, too, are lovely:)

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You look fantastic.  It's nice to see there will be a future once all this treatment stuff is finally done.

May God keep you strong, healthy and full of joy, you already have the beauty.


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When my mind starts working like Victoria's...I know it's time to start worrying! Laughing

But I have to agree -- someone named "Molly" should be an Irish redhead!  But...now that I think it through, I don't know what kind of Irish surname would start with "Z," so what do I know?

And of course...someone named "Traci" should be a skinny blonde cheerleader, but that really is the name on my birth certificate, and I am (and was) NONE of the above!

MollyZ, it really is always great to put a face to a name, so welcome to your face!

Smile Traci

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It appears that both Traci and Victoria have confused us.  Not surprisingly since we are practically twins.  Ha ha ha!  Your photo is great and you look fabulous.  I am a fair skinned redhead but am not Irish.  I am 100% southern Italian.  Go figure!  No matter how you cut the mustard, you look beautiful in your photo, Molly.  As for Traci being a skinny blonde cheerleader...I like our Traci WAY better than that!


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Love your picture!  You're a doll!

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The real reason i decided to do  it was on a sad note!!!when i logged on this morning and saw the death of one of our pink sister, (Chen) if my memory serves me right. but i thought about it if I'd never post a picture, you all would not know how i ever looked if something was to ever happen to me,knowing we all will pass away one day because it's part of God's plan just thought it would be neat after all this time..~~MollyZ~~

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Big hug to you, MollyZ -- I can certainly understand how you feel, as I'm sure nearly all of us here on this board are feeling our own mortality even more right now.  We've had so much sadness and setbacks lately.

But for me -- I'm going to choose to celebrate you and your willingness to share your journey with us, and the technology that makes it possible to "see" each other's beautiful faces and walk together and support each other through whatever life brings.  Without each other, I think the sadness would be so much harder to bear.


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I agree with all the others that we picture in our minds what the person might look like.  I even go the extra mile and wonder about personalities. I had you nabbed for a Cher looking woman, Molly!!  Well, you do have the hair...lol.  As far as Traci, no we don't want you to be the cheerleader type.  I can tell that you'd be so much fun to meet.  Now Clementine didn't strike me as Italian.  That was a surprise, but I do see her as a sweet person.  Doris, thanks for directing us to your expressions page photo.  I figured you to be a tall blonde lady. Wrong.   Linda

Pink Rose
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Kristin N
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Joined: Mar 2009

MollyZ, love your picture! 

ManWithaMission's picture
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Joined: Sep 2008

It's always nice to put a face to a name. Thank you,Molly Z.


Posts: 115
Joined: Jun 2013

You are pretty, just like your name!


CypressCynthia's picture
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Joined: Oct 2009

You are beautiful!  I love matching a name with a photo!

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Joined: Jan 2011

You look like the type I can talk to for hours and not even notice the time. Thank you for sharing your photo sweet sister. Innocent

New Flower
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Joined: Aug 2009

Nice to meet you face to face. You are looking great

Double Whammy's picture
Double Whammy
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Joined: Jun 2010

Thanks for posting a photo - for whatever reason.  Love to see you, feels more personal.  You're looking great!  Three years for me, too.


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I invision you as a 'Rock and Roll' singer with the band.  Leather pants, leopard skinned top - long hair!  One out of three isn't bad, right.. LOL.  I was sure you had stories of 1 night gigs with  'Rock n Rock' royalty. 

You are a BEAUTIFUL woman. 


Vicki Sam

Lynne P
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It is always great to put a face to a name!  Very pretty!

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Jean 0609
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Joined: Jun 2010

Nice to see you (literally see you).  I am so jealous of your long hair.  Lookin' good girl.



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I wish this site had a "like" button like facebook, I would have hit it for everyone's post.Thanks everyone for all the kind words.~~MollyZ~~

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Joined: Jul 2013

I will pretend I am hitting the "like" button!  LOL  You look marvelous!

Heatherbelle's picture
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I love your picture! And your hair is so long!! I haven't been on in quite a while but think of you often MollyZ!! Are you on Facebook? I'd love to keep in touch on there! I'm under Heather Kaylor Grontkowski :) xoxo

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