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Hi Mags.  I've added you to the growing list of people to worry about.  Lol.  I've noticed you've been quiet since Steved passed.  I'm guessing that has thrown you for a loop.  Hope all is well with you.  I can understand why some members are staying away.  There's been so much heartache here lately.


Take care,



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Hopefully enjoying her quiet little cabin?

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I've been thinking of you too, Mags...hope all is well.  I can understand taking a forum break for a bit.  It can get hard to face all the loss sometimes.

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She is probobly off the grid enjoying her cabin. I think it was about this time last year that she was missing.

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When Mags goes to her cabin during their short summer weather, she has no internet access.  

Hope she's having a restfilled, fun filled, life filled time away!



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ahhh thanks you guys.....here I am....just dropping into a place for a wee while that has wifi......we are indeed off the grid so there is little or no communication for us once we reach the cabin.  The weather has been quite weird.....extreme heat and then violent thunderstorms.......ohhh darn and dang our roof is leaking and no matter how much roofing tar we apply we do not seem to be able to fix it.....

thanks Chels for thinkin of me.....you are right....the loss of steved was big for me....as we whittle down our long standing stage 4's ......cancer and death looms ever more closely...Steve was a dear dear man....will be gone for another 3 or 4 weeks.....love to all.....


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