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Definition of Cancer Should Be Tightened, Scientists Say

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"A Rose, by any other name . . ." could conceivably discourage follow up and treatment.

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Thanks for that excellent article adman, which has made my day - hip, hip, hooray, I say. It's a pity it didn't happen a decade or two sooner, but better late than never.

This kind of taking a pace back to see the bigger picture and then questioning uncritically received assumptions should happen a lot more.  If this is followed through it will save huge amounts of resources, in addition to sparing vast numbers of people gratuitous anxiety, unnecessary suffering, disfigurement and consequential loss.  I hope this goes forward at something more than the snail's pace these things habitually take in the medical world.

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Sometimes, it is not possible to tell which leasions are bad. 

The bottom line, though, in the article is, with agressive treatment for "pre-cancers" such as Prostate has not reduced the death rate from the agressive form of prostate cancer.

But, a lot more people were very worried.

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