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Hi new and old friends

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After reading posts of friends who lost the fight w/ EC on this site, I stayed away for a long time because it made me so sad.  I've updated the About Me page to describe our journey.  Mom is now on continuous chemo, had a stent put in, and is miserable and week.  She spends the whole day trying not to cough and hoping she doesn't vomit too much that day.  She also has insomnia.  I feel her health failing quickly and she's refusing a feeding tube.  It's been a rough journey the last 2 years and as a daughter who LOVES her mom so dearly, it's tearing me up inside to see her like this.  I feel helpless.  It helps to come back to this forum.  Thx for listening.



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Hello Heeran,

It is nice to see you post again, but I am so sorry to hear that things are not going well for your Mom. I remember how difficult it was when I was going through chemo. Each day was a challenge. I am glad she has your love and support during this difficult time.

Best Regards,
Paul Adams
Grand Blanc, Michigan
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Great to see a familiar face.  I hope you have been doing well.  My mom and the famiily have had a roller coaster w/ EC with it being gone then back gone then back.  Now it's just here and we're dealing w/ it.  My father has been amazing and quit his job to take care of her full time, I'm the medical person taking her to all her doctor's/hospital appointments, and my brother lives w/ them to help out with any other things they are needing like running around to grocery store, pick up pain meds/ bathing the dogs, etc.  


It's a real family team effort.  Great to see that new people seeking info and support are making it to this forum.  It helped me alot and I'm sure it does for them too.

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It continues to be very important to have ones family being there to help when needed. It gives me joy to hear how you and yours have banded together for your mom.


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