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Rachel ?

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Just wondering and hoping that Rachel is ok . I haven't seen her on here in a good while . Has anyone heard from her or talked to her ?

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she is having some quality family time.  she is w/her daughter enjoy the company and summer.


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Joined: Dec 2012

That is great !

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She is at a mountain lake cabin which does not have access to the H&N forum.  From what I know she is doing great.


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Posts: 375
Joined: Dec 2012

That sounds so perfect ! I wish I was with her ! Lol

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Rachel is little depressed but otherwise OK!  Mattnis right on target i have had two weeks so far and one more next week at Lake Wallenpaupak in Tafton, Pa where my sweet boyfriend Chris owns a cabin and has allowed for Faith and I to have a beautiful summer.

 Just got call from primary doc that disabity has sent forms to him, so the wheels must be rolling, and i need to go in on the 19th for a physical and questions, he has already decided that it was time for me to see someone to help with depression, i know you dont see it cause i try hard to keep at bay but lately its stronger than me.

When home i creep on here from time to time to check on all of you, i think after Wolfen and Vivian i just got sonsad and didnt feel much like responding that much!  Its still difficult 13 yrs later to realize the darker sidenof this beast!  we joke that its the gift that just keeps giving, its not a gift, it hell!  No prugatory for me when the Lord calls me Home( hopefully fifty years from now lol) ive already been there!


God bless you all, instill love and pray for you all, i will try to check in more!

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Thanks for checking in, glad to read that the ball is rolling with Social Security. Can't help but think of the old song- Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda, here I am, at Camp Granada.....

Have fun in the sun, with allot of sun screen.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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But I did play one at a Holiday Inn Express last night..

I stay away from lakes because to many people told me to jump in one.

We all have our moments when we stop and think about what cancer has taken from us along with the new abi-normal it has given us.

I just wrote you a prescription for more R & R at the lake.

I told ya b4 and I'll tell ya again........Chris is a keeper........stay in touch.

Enjoy the day


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