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Vacation was great but all the results were bad.

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Came home from Vacation (OBX) , And all the bad new dumped on me. My CEA level is over 100, PET scan showed a spot on my liver, And the doctor said I need another liver resection so as possible. The spot on my liver is blocking a duct, He is going to remove 30%. But this time he has to cut me open because I have to much scar tissue. He said I will be in the hospital for 7-14 days. Which I don't do very well on long stays away from my kids. I start getting depressed after the 6th day. And the worst of it, I'll be going in the first week on school. (at least ill be able to put my daughter on the school bus the first day but that's it.) Last liver resection they only took 5% and I was in for 7 days so I am really scared for this one. This is a really stupid question. Anyone who had a liver resection did you have a tube down your nose.(I really hate this . It really freaks me out ) LOL. 

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I hope it is a permanent fix, Hugs ,Ron

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Sorry for the seemingly overwhelimg news.  

Good part, to me, is that you had a great vacation and there are those that can help get the cancer out.

Liver tends to grow back pretty fast, so they tell me.

Had a similar operation with  large incision just below the rib cage (lost a lot of liver).

In the hospital for six days (not  bad stay with a sicky sweet good attitude on my part).

Pretty much imobile for about first two weeks at home.  Then off work for five more weeks.

Hopeful for a curative operation....


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Wishing you all the best with this upcoming surgery. I have had 2 liver resections 50-60% both times. First time, woke w NO tube and NO post op complications at all.

2nd time, tube in and upon waking noticed it right away. Needless to say, it lasted all of maybe 3 mins before I had that thing out and thankfully once again, NO

complications. My hospital stay was only 4 days with first and 3 with 2nd operation. If at all possible, I would highly recommend asking for a thoracic epidural for post op

pain relief. They placed mine in the holding rm right before I went in for surgery and it was awesome. I honestly believe that it helped with my recovery since I could

feel no pain and was able to walk the halls within a matter of a few hours after coming out of surgery and I believe being able to get up moving kept me from having an 

extended hospital stay. 


All the best,



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Will pray for a successful and fast recovery !

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I am sorry that you have to face this kind of news after what sound like a great vacation. I love the OBX. I am only a few hours away from there. Anyway I have had 3 liver resections. I had the tube in my nose each time. The last time I had tubes coming out of every part of my body and then some. Not pleasant but better than chemo. I might be faceing a fourth liver resection.

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When I had the ileostomy reversal I woke up with a tube down my nose,   About 4 days later they took it out.  But I couldn't handle it and vomited vile stuff.  So they had to put the tube back in.  Only this time I was awake when it was done.   Didn't enjoy that, but it beat the vomiting.  Good Luck to you.

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Wishing you best results and quick, easy recovery time.


Marie who loves kitties

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but I'm really glad that you can have surgery.  I've done five, all of which involved the complete abdominal opening, and they aren't fun, that's for sure.  The one advantage to that approach is that they can really look carefully and make sure they get everything.  The NG tube is also kind of horrible...I had one in for four days, and reached a point where I was going to pull it out myself if they didn't remove it.  My suggestion for that would be to ask in advance for anti-anxiety medication in the event of a tube being placed (that only happened with one of my surgeries, so it may not even be an issue)...it really helps a lot.  I didn't get them until after I pitched a fit, and wished I would have asked for them earlier.

Keep us posted, we'll all be thinking of you.  Many hugs~AA

PS  Just a thought...could they push your surgery ahead by a week or so if it would help with the school stuff?  I held off on one of my surgeries in order to celebrate the holidays, and it seemingly didn't make any difference to the outcome.

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All these people with tubes down their nose why the heck do they do that?  I've had two liver resections one was 30% and the last one was 35% I think. Both were 7 days in hospital (the first one also included colon and ureter resection) the latest one in May was just liver.  Yours is in same place as my last one, when the cut they went half way down and then cut across to the right side.

I'm really curious as to why the tube down the nose, glad I never had one but curious why they would do that? apparently it's common.

Second off, I wish you hadn't come home from vacation to the news of rising CEA, but if they can cut out the problem I'm glad for that for you!!

Here's to you not getting a tube down the nose!

Winter Marie

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but for me, it was to remove bile from the stomach that I would otherwise have been vomiting up.  Nice, huh?  I only had it for the biggest of my surgeries, in which I had a lot of intestine removed, both small and large, so that may have had something to do with it.  It's pretty awful having one, makes you feel like you're choking non-stop...

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