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I'm new here

Ruth in PA
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I think I should just jump right in and introduce myself cause it's hard for me to get started with a new group of people.

I'm Ruth and I am one month post op after a left upper lung lobectomy.

Looking forward to getting and giving help here

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Hi Ruth, 

Sorry you had to find us.  I had a lower right lobe lobectomy on 9-23-10 via vats procedure.  So far so good.  I went back to work after a month, but healed over a 6 month period, and continued to improve everyday.  I hope you are healing well, it takes some time.  You might also like to visit the Inspire Web site for Lung Cancer, theres a lot of activity there.


I wish you well, Lori

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Glad that your surgery went so well! I do look forward to hearing more from you.  I am a stage four adenocarcinoma survivor.  In October '10 I was told I had ten months.  I think they wee confused and meant years.   

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dennycee----------------I LOVE YOUR STATEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They were confused!  Great attitude.Laughing


I am newbie here as well.

I am Connie and am 5 yrs out.  Upper Rt lobectomy, and 14 broncs with many more tumors removed.  I have done 3 types of chemo and have done 3 types of research drugs and PDT.  PhotoDynamic Therapy.


I just had last surgery (Bronc) 13 days ago and 5 more tumors removed. I am in remission but dysplasia has increased to severe in rt and left lungs.  Now the fight continues to reduce the dysplasia as much as I can and to get healthy again.

Glad I found this site and look forward to learning more.


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Joined: Mar 2011

Connie you are the first person I met who has had PDT.  Also you have an aggressive onco, it's rare that they do surgery on stage four.  Was it the traditional surgery or SRS, gamma knife or similar.  Is it too nosy asking where you receive your treatment?  I would understand if you'd prefer not to answer that.  

best regards.  

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