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side effect question

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I am going to see my ENT on tuesday but i figured you guys know more anyway so i am going to throw it out here. Question: i think i have thrush but i am not sure. i am not showing the familiar white spots on my tongue, however anytime i drink anything with bubles like soda or a beer or anything with a high level of acidity it burns my mouth and throat. my lips, inside of mouth and throat feel like i drank all the vinegar at the bottom of the salad bowl. is this thrush or just another delayed side effect of radiation? my saliver seems t be comming back but am still coughing up phlem(clear) which drives me crazy. almost 8 months post treatment.

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Glad to hear you'll be seeing the ENT soon.  It could be side effects of tx's maybe.  With thrush, I hurt swallowing everything.  I never had the white spots after tx's but still had thrush.  I'm on inhalers that will cause it now too....ick !  You don't have a slight fever, or anything that would indicate an infection ?  I hope they figure this out soon for you, and I know a few have used things that help with the pain and symptoms.  They will pop in I'm sure !  Hugs sent !  Katie 

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if the only time you're feeling that burn is when you take in something carbonated, or acidy, yet you don't get any burn with other stuff....that your mouth is still healing from the rads.  I still do a double take if I drink pop, or an O'Dools....I finally can do pickles after almost a year out of treatment.  I know I don't have thrush, so figure my mouth is still sensitive.


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It took a while after treatment to be able to swallow a beer without it hurting my throat.  But it was only my throat, not my mouth too.  Good luck.

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