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Bleeding again

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 I am 6 months post treament. I had a cat scan done 2 months ago and I am cancer free, but I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that the bleeding I get from time to time is normal. Bleeding is what brought me to the dr and had the colonscopy and was diagnosed with cancer. Now after treatment it's normal. I panic everytime this happens. And it happens when I have a normal BM. I hope I"m not being to graphic. I just wish I could relax. Oh and my radiation onc said this is normal and can happen over the next 2 years. But what if there is something wrong? how would I know?

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Although I don't have this problem, (I have a colostomy) I do believe at 6 months it is normal. I can relate to the feeling that sometimes the very things that brought us there in the first place are now our so called new normal!! It is frustrating and sometimes anxiety creeps in. Even though you were told it could happen over the next two years I'll bet it will become far and few between as time goes on. Not to be too graphic either but even without the use of my anus I have occasional spotting as my body heals.....really annoying especially since I don't even use that area! Continue with follow-ups and realize that healing from this takes a lot of time and patience.

As always, all in my prayers........

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Yes, it is normal. I still have some bleeding more than 2 years after treatment. Hopefully, they will be keeping a close eye on you for the first 2 years. I was seen every 8 weeks.

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I bleed almost every time.  Sometimes a teaspoon.  Just had anascope and pet.  All clear.  I am 2 1/2 years out. I'm amazed every time I am cancer free.  I can really relate.


I have never gained the weight back that I lost and just lost another 2 lbs.  so easy to go down that worry road.  The scans and exams give me a lot of relief.  But after A few months I worry again.  But not to the point that it effects my well being.

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I finished treatments in March and recently have had a couple of isolated instances of bleeding too.  Once after a difficult BM and once after a "normal" one.   Bleeding (and itching) is also what led to my doctor appointments and diagnosis too, so I definitely understand the fear factor.  I'm glad we're able to compare notes.

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