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First Pamidronate infusion..... on dear!

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Had my first infusion today, they send you home with a funny looking bottle in a bag hooked up to an IV.  I decided that I could take it out myself (used to injecting the horses) Wow, did we ever make a right bloody horlicks of that between us!  As I was removing the adhesive patch the tube flew out spraying blood all over the dog, eventually got the gauze trapped in place just before I passed out from blood-loss.  Oh what fun.  LOL Wink

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I am very sorry that happened to you. I hope you didn't lose a lot of blood. 

Can you wait next time in the hospital until you are done so that the nurse can remove it? Or does it take a very long time ?


God bless



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It takes 3 hours!  I am fine Hun.  Just wingeing about it.  Hugs J xx


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Christmas Girl
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There's got to be a better way! Hope this doesn't happen again...

Kind regards, Susan

New Flower
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I am very sorry. Next time, Please ask for help.


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