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Timing of first scan post tx

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The MO put the order for a PET and it was approved quickly as I got a call to schedule the scan. I am just 7 weeks post of chemo-rads and want to ensure sufficient time has transpired before getting the scan. Does about 10 weeks seem about right to let the rads cool off and things to be stable enough that a scan will offer solid results?

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I had asked the same question a while ago.  All I know is, my brother was told that his first scan will be in 3-4 months.  While I think 4 months is a long time to wait, 7 weeks does seem quick.  Maybe because you are doing so well, your throat looks better than most.?  Did you ask?  I suppose it comes down to trusting your doctor.


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You're testing my memory...I think I had a CT w/contrast 12 weeks post and 3 mos. after that a PET followed by CT every 3 mos. first year and have now moved to every 4 months. I was told by ONC no more PETs w/o reason.

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When my husband completed his first round of radiation and chemo they only waited 7 weeks to do a PET/CT scan.  Well according to our H&N specialist that was too soon because of swelling and other side effects of the radiation.  He was right because when he started having troubles 2 months later, we found out that the swelling hid the tumor and we were told he was NED.  After his second round of radiation they waited 3 months to do a PET/CT scan.  First set of radiation and chemo done by a different group of doctors, second set done by a H&N specialist, which the first group weren't.


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The order went in and I'm waiting to hear from JH about my 1st PET. It'll end up being close to 4 months post. I've had 2 scopes and will get another August 6th. They want to make sure I'm healed enough.


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Usually anywhere between 2 - 4 months is the norm on here... A few sooner, a couple further out. Probably a higher percentage of clean scans in the 3 - 4 month range.

But I've seen clean ones in the short range, and ones with residual further out.

Usually most that have shown resdiual on the first scans clear up on the next or few...

Mine was probably in the 3 month range..., clean for me...

Hopefully yours will be clean too, and all the conversation for nothing...



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finishing treatment on Aug 28th...so it was 3 months out.  3 months seems to be the average time since I've been here, but John has been here far longer to get a better feel for the averages.  At 10 weeks, you're only 2 weeks short of the 12....so that might be ok....and maybe they expect to see some light in the scans when they do them a little early?  The main reason I was glad mine waited the 12 weeks was because I didn't want to ponder on anything afterwards...like "well there was a bright spot, but we're pretty sure it's just effects from radiation".....


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Thanks for the feedback. It is a tradeoff between more reliable, less false positives vs getting an answer now! lol

The response to treatment was quite dramatic and as reported "near or complete response" and not having any indication of recurrence after recent visit with MO and RO and my own senses, I feel pretty darn comfortable that there is no raging recurrence within that necessitates an earlier scan.

Not trying to be overly confident but expecting 99.5% that this first scan is going to be clear as are most for nearly all here that show no signs of recurrence. It is the scans 12-24 months out that generate far more anxiety, sorry to those who fall in that zone; I'll be there soon myself.

10-12 weeks seems to be feel about the right balance.



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and my lungs were all lit up. It was inflamation. I had a 2nd one done 2 mo after that and it was fine.


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praise GOD!!  so glad it was only inflamation!  what a terrible scare that must have been.  glad that is behind u.


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I finished my rads in June.  My scan is scheduled for 3 months after my last rad.  

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12 weeks post for my PET/CT  (when I quit smoking out my ears).

Here’s to a 100% clean scan.


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No doctor here, but  7 weeks out to me seems a bit early.  Mine was 8 weeks post and I got a little hot spot uptick in the vocals, turned out to be radiation residual, but all else looked good. The thing I'm wondering is insurance comps don't dole out those PETS to easily, usually one CT's after the post, so maybe you can ask to back up the PET 3 weeks to get a better comfort zone. 

As a post cancer survivor you (and I would imagine others on here get what I'm saying) know how that little voice is always saying negative stuff in our ears ....so just a thought to back it up 3-4 weeks, maybe prevent getting a bad read due to still being hot with rads??


Either way, whispered a prayer you meet MR. Ned!!



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Robs is scheuled 13 weeks out. Sept 16 is our day. He has scan first thing in morning then appts with ENT, MO and RO after.

Our RO says he will have prelim results when we meet him.

Good luck Don

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It was three months after tx here..

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They did my first about 3 months out. I was still glowing from the radiation and from ear to ear with the NED news. I expect the same from you.


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