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1 year since DX

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Hello Ladies,

It's been a very long year since my most recent dx.

I have been trying to keep the fear in the back of my life, but find it a real challenge at times.

I am doing better but increasing pain has me worring a little more. The last ct looked good, but there were some new issues that I need to deal with.

My ca 125 is inching up but remains in a very safe zone.

I am getting ready to have the BRCA testing done. It makes a lot of sense to do this with my history and that of my families. Of course the fear of the unknown creeps in.

Thank you all for posting so often. I do read through everything, you all give me such strength. I have not posted much lately, the continued loss of such lovely people on this board and the lymphoma board, along with losing three friends since March has really hit me like a ton of bricks.

I am trying to live each day to the fullest and to not let added stress get to me ( too much).Smile

I am trying new things that I thought I never would do. I really have a fear of heights but was able to go Parasailing! I'm not sure that I would do it again, but I did it! Flying over the Gulf of Mexico!

I keep you all in my heart and appreciate each and everyone of you. You are all so very special...

Huge hugs




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I am visiting from the Uterine board but had to write. 

Just a little over a year since my dx and I look back thinking I can't believe I did it.  Thinking back it was the fear of unknown so many times the last year that was so difficult.  The first chemo, the side effects of radiation, losing my hair...it is a long list. 

I didn't even find this board until I was near the end of my treatments and often had to walk away because it is hard to read about such sadness and feeling bad when I had good news to post because others weren't as lucky. 

My chemo nurse who had explained the process I was going to undergo took a leave of absense to have a baby.  When she returned to work I asked her to show me a picture of her baby because a new life is such hope to me.  When I went to leave her parting words to me, "Go out and live life!"  And I think she has that right. 

While we all have this in our lives now, hopefully it gets less as the years go by. 

I am doing a two-seater Indy car ride in September - live!

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It is too easy to get sucked into gloom and depression when there is so much suffering and loss around us. I am glad that despite stress and pain you live your life to the fullest and have new wonderful experiences. You are an such an inspiration!

My mom is turning 68 in a few days; she always wanted to go parasailing. It's a bit more complicated for her because she is blind. But anything is doable if you really want it. You are a living proof.




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Thank you so much for posting.  I have been wondering how you are doing these last few months.  It can be so hard to look positively at the future when one's life contains much pain, sadness and fear.  Despite all of your challenges, you still managed to overcome at least one of your fears and parasail - that is so awesome!  I too have an intense fear of heights so I know that what you did is a huge deal. 

Please know that I'm sending you good vibes and good wishes as you prepare for your BRCA testing.  I'm praying for a good outcome, but whatever the outcome, know that we are here for you.  I myself am scheduled to meet with a genetic counselor on Thursday, prior to my BRCA testing.  Whatever the results, I'll deal with them, knowing I have the support of you and the other ladies on this board.

You are an amazing person and I am praying that your second post-diagnosis year is much better and brighter that the first.

Hugs and love back to you,



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Hi Alexandra,

Just wanted to say that if your mom wants to parasail, then she should go for it. I posted some photos of me, and as you can see I was in a tandem seat. So I imagine that your mom could go with someone sitting next to her. I bet she could even go by herself.

Happy birthday to your mom...



Rosamond M
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Whilst we all walk our own unique journey through life, this walk is a little easier when we are surrounded by people who can share and understand our pain.  Thank you for telling us what you are going through at the moment so we can send you our warmest wishes and an enormous understanding hug. It is extremely difficult to cope with the uncertain times this disease deals out to us.What a great thing you have done to go parasailing - something I could never do-Congratulations! 

                                                         All power to you!!



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It is great you overcame your fear I of heights and went parasailing. I try not to let this disease take anything else away from me than it already has. It sounds like you are dealing with an awful lot and handling it well .

Keep us posted on how you are doing.


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Pamela B
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Great to hear from you.  I am so impressed you went parasailing!  Something I could never do.  You remind me to live life not just live in limbo.  Thanks so much for posting and continue to life to the fullest. You are such an inspiration to me.

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