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Almost scary to feel good again!

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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I finished my radiation and Xeloda and I feel great. This treatment brought me incredible relief. Even a month ago I had bad pain, fever, night sweats, anxiety, discharge of blood, stool, mucus. Now nothing, but some minor skin irritation between my cheeks and tight muscles in my back. 

This is the time and situation that questions creap up in your mind like: why can't things stay like this? Why do I have to have more chemo and a major surgery just to have a chance on "permanent" health?

Well, I realize these are the wrong questions. I feel healthy, but I'm not. Not yet. So I have to keep going till I get there, but sure it feels good to feel good again.

Thanks for listening.


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I ask these same questions ... but we know the answer is that this disease sucks and is often silent.  So, we must be diligent and fight, continue to research and find the cure.  I believe they are very very close ... we need to stay strong and do what we do until that day!   This forum is very helpful in keeping us all informed on what is happening in the medical field and the reality of the battles we face daily. I am so very glad to hear of your relief and know you will be well soon. Keep on keeping on!

Making lemonade out of lemons.  That is what we need to do every day we can.

My best to you with your continued journey and well wishes as you travel. 


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