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Gerson Therapy

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Since we are so desperate and confuse and in need for more suggestions we are thinking of alternatives.

Does anyone have done Gerson Therapy  in Mexico not that we able to travel since we can’t afford it but they also offer online or on phone consultation.

Does anyone have any experience with it??



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it appears to be very expensive even if you don't go to Mexico for the treatment....and what I'd see as a "last ditch" kind of thing.  Not something I'd try if there was treatment available such as going ahead with a second dose of rads.   I don't have any faith in these alternative methods and I don't know anyone who has tried it.

I hate to discourage you, as I know you and your husband are running scared right now with not knowing what to do, or which therapy to try.....but for me, unless I was diagnosed as terminal, I'd stick with proven medical protocols.

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I looked it up and did a little reading too P...

If you look at Gerson's theory and the basic treatment, it makes sense from a healthy eating perspective. Ideally, eating a natural mainly vegatarian diet and drinking organic juices is good for your body. I'm not too keen on the coffee enema deal. Personally, I prefer drinking it and the results are the same. But unless there's some secret ingredient hidden the the juice they give you at the clinics, I can't see it stopping cancer cells from dividing. 


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Just my thoughts concerning alternative therapies..

I'd have to ask myself...

"If these methods are the answer, then why do we have cancer and why hasn't the medical community adapted them?" "Why is it that one must seek these 'miracle' cures outside of the country?"

I know your head is spinning from all of this but seek another opinion before you try something you may regret.


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I agree with T.  My uncle was trying to push some sort of alternative on my dad, I'm glad that he didn't go with it! Turns out it would have made things worse.

Chances are if its successful, all of those suffering from cancer would be receiving that sort of treatment.

Best of luck to you all! Prayers!

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jim and i
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I am not as skeptical as the others about alternatives. I have read about this therapy and heard of others who have tried it after traditional treatment but do not know anyone personally.  Maybe Hondo will chime in. He has tried some alternatives since the doctors gave him a short time to live 6 or 7 years ago. If you are really interested I would get in touch with them and ask for contact information for their success stories so I could talk to them.

Praying you can get some clarity as to which direction to take.


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In fact I own them, "Beautiful Truth" and "Healing Cancer from Inside and Out", PM me with a mailing address and you can have them. Make up your own mind. My personal opinion is that they  make money selling videos and can't really show any evidence of curing anything. The old doctor's science is ancient and the daughter is making a tidy profit selling videos. You don't need this in your life right now.

Eddie J
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Look at it this way If it worked and "cured cancer " Gerson would be the next Jonus Saulk . The richest man on earth and selling his cure to everyone.

 Cancer protocals  and treatments that help were established thru  clinical trials and are the best that the world of medicine can offer at this time. A lot of people gave their lives in research and development trails so we could have the best available treatment at this time.

Good nutrition and healthy foods are a given for people with cancer why pay thousands of dollars to quacks for what you can get at a whole foods market.

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