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NED...15 month scan

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Woo Hoo!... My 15 month scan was NED!...all is well except the tyroid function is a bit low.  The doctors want to wait 4 months to the next checkup and see if it gets better because she said once I start the medication for thyroid I would be on it for the rest of my life.  So....I am going to try and eat better.  Hopefully, the thyroid will be better then.  



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ann. so very happy 4 u.  dancing a jig now 2 celebrate!  i hope u r dancing to.  what a wonderful start 2 a new day!  enjoy.


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Concerning the Thyroid... did the look at both TSH and Free T-4?

My thyroid TSH level has been high for the most part of every blood test I have had since Tx ended (June 2009)... But my Free T-4 has been within normal ranges... I's a two part indicatior on thyroid function, TSH and Free T-4.

Like you, they monitor mine closely, and I haven't had any problems with the TSH being anywhere from 11 - 5 (normal being somewhere between 4.5 - 5.5 depending where you look)...

Anyways, from what I've been told, usually once the thyroid starts going out from the rads, it's not going to come back... More just a matter of time more than likely before we will both be on meds... Usually Synthroid or Levothyroxine...

Normally not a big deal and easily controlled with either...



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Yeah...wonderful NED news. I was taking thyroid meds for underactive prior to chemo and rads; my internist has changed the dosage twice since completion, she blames it all on the treatrments, she feels she has me at the correct dosage for now, but will continue to monitor every 6 months as she has done for the past 4 years. Your doc is right though about the meds, once you start it's then forever.



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Congratulations on the clean scan, whew.

I am 1 month ahead of you and on Thyroid watch too (wait and see).

I try to eat better, but had to try a cinnamon roll this morning (experiment you know).  The thrill isn’t completely gone for sweets, but it sure is diminished.

Keep getting better.


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reading the letters NED!  Congrats to you...that is a reason to celebrate!!!

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Good to hear that the doc didn't want to jump the gun with the thyroid meds. Hope time takes care of it for you.

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Congratulations! This is wonderful! Posts like this are really making me feel better!

Greetings from veeeeery hot summer days in Slovenia!

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That is great news!

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We seriously need to come up with a song to go with the NED dance we all do !  Maybe Mr. T or someone can work on it !  With the thyroid thing....meds. aren't all that bad.  I've been on them for mega yrs.  Watch the levels, and if you need the pill it's no biggie !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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Love me some NED on a Monday morning.



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