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Red and pain skin after radiation

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Hi my mom had suguery for breast cancer and did chemo and radiation. Her skin is all red, itchy and feel burn sometimes. The part being exposed to radiation turns black. She feels pain and I'm worried about her.

I'm wondering can any body recommend a cream or something that can heal her problem. Thank you very much!

Wish everyone healthy.

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Like your mom, I was burned b4 using the cream. It is more like vasoline, it worked really well for healing. My rads were to the bum, hips, and pelvic region, so my burning and cracking was literally in the crach. Couldnt.sit, stand, or turn. I also used a.cold pack. Patted the area rather than wipe after shower, and used non alcohol wiped. Took a week
to 10 days to heal.


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Have your Mom call or go see her rads oncologist.  He should be able to help her.  I don't know why it would be black.  I understand that it could be red as it is burnt.  I used aquaphor and Biafine during radiation.  Good luck to her and keep us updated.

Sue :)

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She is in China. The doctor can only do iv but she has terrible reaction after iv.

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