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Observation continues

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My CA 125 went from 672 to 718.  So that was a smaller increase in 7 weeks.  I also had a CAT scan which showed an incease in lymph nodes in the chest area and abdominal area, but the doctor was pleased the largest one was around 1 inch.  He said the slow increase in the CA 125  was indicative of the increase in the size of the lymph nodes.  The CAT scan was compared to one done last October.  The lymph nodes are a little bigger than when I started chemp last time, but then my marker was 3200.

I was afraid I was going to have to start chemo again, but he says it is not time yet.  If I have symptoms, or there is a large increase in the CA 125 it would time to start chemo.  So I will go back for repeat lab in 2 months.  I have been off chemo for 14 months.

I have had some sad news with the death of my twin brother last Saturday.  He had melanoma and he was waiting to start a clinical tial, but the melanoma went to his brain.  He was home with hospice.  I was able to be with him when he died.  It has been stressful. emotionally and physically draining to take care of him.  I am just thankful he did not suffer or linger.  

Some other news is Mary Ann's husband is now posting on the Kidney Cancer board.  He will have surgery at Moffitt in Tampa in September.  Please keep him in your prayers.

We are going to make our final deposit for our Australia/New Zealand trip in October.  Of course will take out the travel insurance.

I hope each of you are enjoying each day.  In peace and caring. 

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On getting to stay chemo free for who knows how long.  Keep doing whatever you are doing.  I'm so exited about your Oct trip and I'll look forward to hearing about it.  Maybe you can find an Internet cafe and post to us from downunder!


I am so sorry to hear about you brother.  Good that you could be there for him.  Thankyou for letting us know about Rudy.  I can't believe this has happened.  He's been so supportive of us while living through his grief about Mary Ann .  

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It's great to hear that you have been off of chemo for 14 months!

Have a wonderful time on your trip to Australia/New Zealand!  I have never been there but looking forward to hearing about your trip and seeing some pictures of your trip.

I'm sorry to hear about your twin brother. Positive thoughts and prayers for you, your brother and your family.

Thanks for keeping us informed about  Mary Ann's husband.


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Seems like the topic of choice around our channels is about our favorite marker -- CA-125....that damn number!  Wish it was so easy with our cancer journey, but such is life.  I know you're a true fighter and always seem to come back up with a tough attitude to continue one...bravo!!!

So happy to hear your doc has a plan and boy sound nice to not go back into chemo...hope NEVER!!!  Plse enjoy the time off as sending positive vibes its a very long time.

Such tragic news about your bother and had no clue you had a twin.  As well thankful he didn't suffer.

Rudy, I had no clue about kidney issues...darn!  I know I've seen a few postings on here and on FB, but had no idea.  I know you were closer to our dear Mary Ann so you possible had more insight on their issues.  I'll be praying he keeps strong to continue to endure.  Might not be too serious if surgery is in September.  Do you know Mary Ann had another Birthday this week?  

My parents toured much of Europe over their younger years and their favorite -- Australia!  Do enjoy and relax from the crazies of life.


You're in my thoughts dea friend....keep strong~~,


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So sorry to hear about your brother,also about Rudy.Hope you have a wonderful vacation,live it up girl! No chemo now that sounds like heaven. 

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Hi Ro:


  I am really happy that you do not have to go through more chemo now - keep your positive outlook.


  I also am so sorry to hear about your brother's passing - you have to be devastated. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. I never knew you had a twin brother.


  Also, enjoy your trip to Australia in October which you must be looking forward to.



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Kathy G.
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Hi Ro!

I am glad your test results were on the positive side although you must have mixed feelings with your brother passing away around the same time.

My condolences on his passing! Sounds like alot of stress and emotional ups and downs...

Also thank you for letting us know about Rudy. I feel for this man who has been so generous with sharing with us on this board after Mary Ann's death. How awful he has to deal with this so shortly after her death. If I recall correctly his mother or another close family member was also ill?

Look forward to your trip to Australia and New Zealand! If only I did not have a fear of flyingFrown the places I would go....


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Sorry to hear about your brother.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you.   It seems that you really can use your upcoming trip.   I am glad you have gotten a chemo rest.


My best to you and yours,



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Ro, I am so sorry for your  sadness of losing your brother. I just hope that everything comes out great for you and big hugs from Oregon to you. Your trip sounds wonderful.


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So that darned CA125 continues to rise.  But, as you explain, it is slower this time around, which hopefully means that the hormone therapy is continuing to hamper it's progress and so you will get a longer chemo break.  I hope you can get throughthe summer and autumn at least before you have to go back on treatment.

I'm also sorry to hear about the loss of your twin brother, Ro.  This must have been a very hard and emotional time for you and my thoughts are with you and your family.  You must be so looking forward to your Australia/New Zealand trip.  I did it a few years ago and had a wonderful time travelling around.  I hope you do, too.

Kindest wishes

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