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Well...could be worse...saw my onc today for my scan results.  I knew something was up when he read the report, read it again, looked at me with squinched eyes and asked me how my tummy was....  good news my liver is good and my peridontal or whatever that is called is good, but,not so good news, I have swollen nodes in my back not where colon cancer usually settles.  So he says there is nothing we can do now - didn't ask why.  We will do another scan in three months, see what it looks like and possible biopsy.

I have had constipation issues a big difference from eating and going to the bathroom almost as soon I take my last bite.  He is thinking that maybe those issues irritated the nodes.

So, I'm on an over the counter twice a day, laxative/stool softener until the scan, he wants my colon relaxed.

I know this news is so minor compared to what some of you get, I'm almost ashamed to even share it.  I had just a very small meltdown in the bathroom.  It is weird though, my mom insisted on going with me today...I'm glad she was there.  A mama's intiution maybe.


thanks for listening...I think I can feel another cry in my future..  I was at the 2 year mark June 13th.


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    Dear Friend,

    What kind of scan did you have: CT, PET?

    Are these nodes lymph nodes and besides these nodes they didn't see any other lesions?

    Those nodes are swollen for a reason and I don't know how you feel about it, but maybe you should have somebody else look at it too.

    We here it so many times on this forum that the wait a see approach, not just that it's nerve wrecking, but risky.

    i wish the best for you.