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<3 Our Dear Chen <3

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It is with great sorrow for us left behind that I come to tell you that our dear Chen has left this world for the one beyond.  She is no longer in pain, I am sure she is up there with other's who have gone before her getting her wings as I type.  I have lit a candle in her memory and will always hold her in my heart!  Love you all, let us remember her here with stories of her fellowship. 

I will start with how joyous it was to meet her in person in Long Beach along with 15 other survivors.  She was as bright in person as she was in cyber space.  I was luck to break break with her on two other occassions.  Soar my friend, we will see you again some day.




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Jean 0609
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This is so sad.  I am relieved that she isn't suffering anymore.  RE, I am so jealous that you got to meet her and hug her in person.  She will be missed so much here and on our Facebook group.  Love you Claudia!





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I, too, got to meet Chen and Siobhan in Long Beach. And again, in Santa Barbara where I had a chance to also meet Reggie when he came to pick up Claudia. All very lovely people. 

This is a sad day, and a big loss, but I am glad that Claudia can breathe again and is no longer in pain. I'm sure she'll continue to do good work "up there." You know Claudia -- she'll organize the angels or start a new volunteer activity or something:)

My candle is glowing and my prayers are with her family.




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Claudia was larger than life and her joie de vie was well represented by her honest and thoughtful posts here on the boards.  The 50 foot woman was a poor representation of our real life Claudia.  I too, had the pleasure of meeting her and her embraces were truly warm and loving.  

My prayers for comfort for her family join those of the rest of you.



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I dont come here much anymore but i just had to today... I am gutted....  RIP Chen....  you will never be forgotten    Wendy

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A beautiful woman has moved beyond her pain and suffering.  She will be greatly missed.


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I take comfort that Claudia is no longer suffering.  The void that will exist in so many of us....there are no longer any words.

The 50 foot woman still reigns!!!!!!!!

I feel selfish in my grief.

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yet it is comforting to know she is at peace and no longer in pain. I send my prayers to her friends and family and wish them peace and hope they too feel all the love and prayers being sent their way.
With love and a heavy heart.

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"Come in, dear Claudia, I have been waiting to greet you....you are safe here, and loved so very much"....


Tears are making typing impossible....


Hugs to all of us that this beloved has left behind....leave a light on for us, dearest...


With great sorrow, but also great joy (I have a good idea where she is going, and it's beautiful!)



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Chen. I am glad that you are no longer suffering and can now fly free!  I know you, of all of the people on this board, would not want us to despair, but to fight on as valiantly and graciously as you did.  My heart is shattered tonight, but I will vow to embrace every day in your honor and to treat every day left with the importance that it deserves.  Go forth ladies and gents and smell the flowers, walk your dog, hug a child, watch a movie with your family, find the meaning that Chen was so very gifted in finding.  And be generous with each other.  Chen, these are the lovely gifts that you left me.

My top ten favorite Chen contributions to this board (please add some more):

1. Welcome to Hogwarts for Newbies

2. Power Pudding for constipation

3. "We do what we have to do so we can do what we want to do."

4. A cheery wit that just never ended

5. The expression "noncologist"

6. A generous heart that welcomed each and every one of us.

7. A stoic fighter who tried to keep in touch even though she struggled with bad computer connection and terrible neuropathy.

8. An example of how to die, surrounded by loved ones, facilitated and made comfotable by hospice

9) A perfect example of a larger-than-life 40 ft woman

10) Her beautiful love for her beloved family.

OK ladies, I need help, my eyes are overflowing with tears and I had a rough chemo day.  Please help me out for our beloved Chen.  I know you can come up with more.  Most of all I learned from Chen to live every day as if it matters.  A true gift from a true friend.  My candle is lit in memory tonight.  Good night dear one!

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Missed by so many.... you were wonderful.  Love you hun.

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Kindred Spirits,


Breathe in deeply of the sweet fragrance left behind with the passing of such a precious spirit.  What a legacy of love and courage she leaves us.


Thank you ChenHeart.






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Now she truly is one.  I admired her beyond measure.  If I can be half the person she was I will be a success.

One of my favorites was Be stronger than not angry at.  It's hard right now to live up to that as I am angered that such a woman has lost her valiant fight but she is right.  It would serve no purpose and dishonor her to give in to anger but I regret that we have lost a kindred spirit.

She is, was and will always be loved by those that knew her.


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She was there for me always. I will always miss her.

deepest sympathy to her family. She loved you so much.


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I am again true to my name Blown Away.

Chen an inspiration to many and a friend to all. A "Kindred Spirit" that put her heart and soul into these boards. The heavens have gained a new star tonight, one that shines brightly in the hearts of us all. Peace be with you, Dear Chen.



I lit my candle but could not sleep. I had to post this. I found this on Chen's Expressions Page. She posted it  April 04, 2003.

My Journey

Who of us can really know 

Directions that the wind may blow? 

I sailed along, I made my plans 

But now I'm in unchartered land 

But am I lost? Or am I found? 

The fear I feel~Don't let me drown! 

I need the touch of those I love 

Yet I seek quiet time for me 

I want the laughter and the noise 

But seek peace and serenity 

I'll sail along and ride each wave 

I'll be afraid, yet I'll be brave 

The feelings of both fear and hope 

With friends who care and help me cope 

I know that I am so enveloped 

With courage as yet undeveloped....


I am done now. No more tears. I honor you and will always call you my friend and "Kindred Spirit".


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Deepest sympathies to Claudia's family and friends.  She was and always will be a bright star on CSN Discussion Board.  A good lady who left long before she should have.  May the good memories of her linger long in the hearts that knew her and for those of us who knew her only through this medium.



New Flower
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Dear Claudia,

Rest in peace, free of pain, pink angel. Your  spirit  will state with us forever. my candle is lighting to guide to a better place.

Being the most cheerful person, I ever known, you made enormous contributions to CSN community, helping thousands survivors. Always here for everyone. Along with other pink sisters  I had a pleasure to meet you in person.
Your piece about dense breasts made me laugh 
My deepest condolences to Siobhan , Reggie and the  family.
I have pictures of Claudia on my expression page http://csn.cancer.org/node/236744#comment-1390453.
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Claudia reminded me of that family member some of us wish we had. Interesting how some people who are not related to you have a bigger impact in your life than your relatives. I believe we are placed in this world and given certain people for a reason. I think Claudia, despite of all her suffering, was here to be that one family member many of us don't have close to us.

Claudia was the kind of soul to change people's minds about humans. For the better.

All I can say is that the little time I knew her, I was grateful. She always responded to our worries with love, always putting others first.

It hurts to lose a good human being. But my faith remains, we shall meet again. And we will then be related at all levels.

RIP sweet Claudia. You were loved and you will be missed.



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This is so hard to accept.  I never had the opportunity to meet Claudia in person but through her posts and messages it was easy to see she was larger than life.  Such a sweet soul and always had informative and positive words for her pink sisters.  She will be missed by so many.  She made an impression on me and will always remain in my heart.  Chenheart, you will always be my Queen Kindred!!  Rest in peace sweel lady.



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You will be greatly missed by one and all. I'm thankful that your suffering is over and happy that you will be reunited with all the "pinks" that went before you. My prayers go out to all your family and friends. I will light a candle for you.  Gail

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Her posts early on in my BC journey really made a difference.  Her creativity made me smile so many times and her kindness and courage always showed through.  She managed the ornament exchange for 2 years before her cancer returned.  She continued to post but less often due to the effect of her treatments.  I thought of her often and will continue to think of her and the comfort and joy she gave us.  What a spectacular soul she is and will continue to be our angel, Chen.

Love to Reggie and all those who love her.


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and Reggie here in Phoenix in person.  What a wonderful, loving couple they were.  Chen's light emanated from her.  She encouraged, comforted and provided wonderful knowledge to me from the first day I came on here--probably 3 years ago, afraid, crying and feeling helpless.   I feel a deep sense of sadness for Reggie, Siohban and all of her family and close friends, as well as sadness and great loss for all of us here on CSN.  She was one of a kind--the BEST kind.


We will miss you, dear Chen, but you'll always remain in our hearts.


Love and hugs, Renee



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I so wish that I had the opportunity to meet Chenheart in person at the luncheons and gatherings that have taken place~it was with envy that I observed online the pictures of you all enjoying each others company~ My heart is heavy with the loss to our community here, and for her family and loved ones~ My soul senses the peace that comes with knowing that struggle and suffering are no more~

Fly high precious one~


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Double Whammy
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I'm so sad to hear this news.   Chen touched so many lives, including mine.  I'm honored to have met her and Reggie in Sacramento 2 1/2 years ago.  I remember she was getting ready to do a 10K (or something like that) at that time.  She was definitely one of a kind and her words and experiences will live on.  My love to Reggie and Sioban as they continue without her.  What a wonderful prsence she had.  A true Kindred Spirit.


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Fly, and be pain free with the eagles ... my beloved Friend. 


Vicki Sam

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Bella Luna
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The 50 Ft Warrior Woman is at rest.  No more pain, no more drugs to bother with.  She was an amazing woman who had a zest for life, an uplifting spirit, and a witty way with words.  I had the pleasure of meeting her twice.  She had a larger than life personality and a contagious smile.

God grant her ever lasting peace.  God bless her family.



Lynn Smith
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Thank You for letting us know.I thought it would be soon but at least now she isn't in pain and is going to a better place.She will be deeply missed by all of us.Just so very sad that another of our Pink Sisters is gone but NOT forgotten.

Like Jean I also wish I would've met her.And you also met 14 others.How  neat is that.

Lynn Smith

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My heart is breaking and my eyes are full of tears. Claudia will truely be missed on this board.



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It is with great sadness that I read this post. Chen was always here for everyone, day after day and year after year. Even tho it was posted a few days ago that she was in hospice, it was hard to think that she was so close to ending this part of her journey. She worked so hard to encourage and inspire all of us and she will live on in our hearts. She left a legacy all who knew her and she will be missed greatly. My thoughts and prayers go out to her Reggie and Siobahn and the rest of her family. May they find comfort and peace knowing that she made a difference in so many lives. She was loved by all of us here on the board. Until we meet again dear Chen, Much Love, Sunrae

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I was not one of the fortunate ones to actually physically meet Chen, but always felt I was in the same room with her each time she posted.  She was amazing in every way.  I will miss her.  She taught me so much about courage and humor in the face of fear.  I send my heartfelt sympathies to her family who she loved so much.

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I am very saddened to read this news. Claudia was such a strong woman and a wonderful example to all of us. My prayers are with her family who she loved more than anything else. 


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This is a sad day. Our Claudia has gone home. She now flies with her new wings and I'm sure will be a Guardian Angel to many. I will miss you forever and see you someday. You help me through some tough times RIP Claudia.

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While reading this post, I couldn't help but think of what Saint Peter did when our angel steppped in front of him at the Pearly Gates.  He told her that they had been waiting on her for several weeks, as there were so many prayers sent to heaven to guide her from her earthly body, to the steps of Heaven.  He expressed his gratitude for all of those who followed her every word, and was excited to put a face to her name (although there were so many names she was called.   Claudia, Chen, Chenheart, 50 Foot Woman, and more importantly, Friend).  He apologized to Chen and told her that God would be along soon, but he was resting from listening to the many prayers coming from her friends, family and loved ones.  However, her office was waiting for her, right next to God's office, so that he could help her with all of the thank you notes she would write to those she left behind. 


Rest well, dear Chen, and know that one day we will all be with you.  Can you imagine the sleepovers we will have, laughing at each and every new story told by the Kindred Spirits as they arrive.  Your family is missing you right now, and they are saddened by your passing.  However, deep inside there are smiles that you are finally at peace and out of pain.  We miss you with all of our hearts, and will once again laugh and giggle with you when we each reach the destination you are seeing now.  For me, you were my prop, as you were for so many.  Smile down on us, and each time I see a sunbeam coming from the skies I will know it is

you sending a special greeting to us all.  Hugs to you, and sending your Reggie, Siohbon and your extended family hope for the future.  Having been a personal part of your life, I know they must be experiencing a tremendous loss.  My thoughts are with you all.  Rest dear Chen.  See you soon.  Judy 

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I thought my eyes were done with crying...but here they are, once again wet!

What beautiful words you have written!


Would you be so kind to allow me to re-post this on the Facebook group?  I will hold off until I hear from you.


Hugs back to you, dearheart!  Kathi

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Kathi, I would be honored for you to repost my post regarding Chen.  I am still reeling with her passing, and have honestly been devoid of signing in to CSN because I couldn't help but look for her posts.  Thanks for reading my words, as they were written from my heart.  Hugs,  Judy

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I haven't posted in a very long time, but I still come here periodically to see how everyone is doing.  Today's visit was positively heartbreaking. Like many of you, Chen was always there with an answer, supportive words or something to say that would make me smile.  I felt like she was a guide I could always trust in this process to give me perspective and encouragement. I'm trying to take comfort in knowing there is a 50 ft Guardian Angel out there on our side now!

But she will be terribly missed. My prayers for her and her family and for all of you in this loss.



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My heart is breaking . Sending prayers to Reggie and Siobahn. Surf


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"We do what we have to do so we can do what we want to do."  This was one of my favorites and have it on my FaceBook Page.    I will always miss our wonderful kindred, there aren't enough words to describe how much she meant to me.  I'm a better person for having her in my life.  I never got the chance to meet her in person, only through CSN & FaceBook.  I still look at my phone expecting to see a text from her.  I'm thankful she is no longer in pain, but selfish because I never wanted her to leave us.  Reggie & Siobhan, you have my deepest sympathy.  I feel like I know you both from hearing so many wonderful stories about you from Claudia.    God gives us family so we can hold each other close when it's time for one of us to leave.


Love, Hugs and Prayers,

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footprints that only a 50 foot woman could!


May she rest in eternal peace.

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It is one of the saddest days for me also. Chen was my first contact here. She made me feel so welcome and wanted here. My prayers are for her and her family.  May she like so many others help pave the way to heaven for the rest of us.

With great sorrow,Diana

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helen e
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I am deeply  sorry for your loss. Siobhan I recently lost both my parents and it was heartwrenching. I am comforted in the fact that I know they are still watching over me, hugging me and holding my hand when I need them. I know one day I will be with them again but I still miss them. You had a wonderful mother. Although I never met her in person Claudia was the sweetest most thoughtful person I have ever met. Even when she was going through the worst, she gave of herself. Everyone on here can atest to that.

Reggie we all know how much she loved you. From everything Chen said were, I'd like to clone you. You sound like an amazing man and I'm glad that she had you with her to take care of her and give her all the love caring that we on this board wish we could have done for her. She gave so much to each of us in some way. Her words, her ornament exchange, her love of life. She was truly a giant among us and we will always be grateful that you shared her with us.

We will always be here for you, please let us know how you are doing. Know that there is no doubt that Claudia already has her angel wings and is watching over you. I am so sorry for your loss. The world is a much better place for having had Chen in it. Again, I am so sorry for your loss. Take care.


ps. sorry for any spelling errors, I have chemo brain lately.

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I can't believe we have lost another sister in this battle.  Chenheart was such a wonderful soul she will be sadly missed.  Having seen the pain my friend Darlene went through I'm glad she is now pain free.  Bless your heart, forever.

Love, Terry

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Thanks so much for the update...


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I am not on here much anymore.So I just found out about our dear Chen.She will be forever missed and loved.I am crying as I type this.It brakes my heart.But she is with the Angels now and not hurting anymore.Reminds me of the song on the arms of an angel.That's where I see her right now.Fly my sweet Chen.I will always love you.

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I am not on here much anymore.So I just found out about our dear Chen.She will be forever missed and loved.I am crying as I type this.It brakes my heart.But she is with the Angels now and not hurting anymore.Reminds me of the song on the arms of an angel.That's where I see her right now.Fly my sweet Chen.I will always love you.

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Posts: 1151
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I am not on here much anymore.So I just found out about our dear Chen.She will be forever missed and loved.I am crying as I type this.It brakes my heart.But she is with the Angels now and not hurting anymore.Reminds me of the song on the arms of an angel.That's where I see her right now.Fly my sweet Chen.I will always love you.

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Posts: 1151
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I am not on here much anymore.So I just found out about our dear Chen.She will be forever missed and loved.I am crying as I type this.It brakes my heart.But she is with the Angels now and not hurting anymore.Reminds me of the song on the arms of an angel.That's where I see her right now.Fly my sweet Chen.I will always love you.

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