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Finished Radiation and Xeloda Today!

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Dear Friends,

Today was my last (I hope) visit to radiation. After I take my last 3 pills of Xeloda tonight I'm done with that too. My experience was a thousand times better than I thought and you guys played a big part in it. You gave me tips and encouragement through the whole treatment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Beside a mild skin irritation, occasional stomach ache and low energy I didn't have much problems. In fact the treatment got rid of my pretty sever pain where I couldn't even sit. Initially I had fever, cold sweats at night, blood in the stool. Now thats all gone. I was able to work through the entire time, didnt miss a day. The miracle of medicine, good diet, support of good people and positive attitude and gratitude.

I realize that the hard part is yet to come: Folfox, surgery, colostomy and who knows what else. But I learned one thing in this first round. The anticipation is lot worse than the actual event. And this gives me hope that I will be able to handle the future challenges as 


Thank you all again for everything.


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Congratulations! Keep a positive attitude; like you said, this treatment wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. Many times that is the case!


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Glad you faired so well through this part of your journey.  You should go out an celebrate that this part is over with.  Yes, there is another hurdle to come your way, but you will get through that also and as you already know, the anticipation is a lot more nerve wracking than the actual procedure. 


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Congrats on getting through radiation and xeloda!  Your super positive attitude also helps.  Time to relax a little and enjoy life before the next step!  Enjoy...

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You seem to have a great attitude, and that will help get you through the next stages.  And we'll be here to lend support every step of the way.  Hugs from AA

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Congrats!  Sooooo happy for you!!

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Laz I started my treatment today hope it goes as smooth as yours

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Congratulations.  We will be here to support you as you move onto the next phase.



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